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Perfect resource for storing internal process & procedures.

– Susan Emmons, Support Manager

How Vidyard Uses Helpjuice Both For External & Internal Purposes.

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Centralize All Your Internal Docs In One Place, Rather Than On Many Servers.

When asked Why Helpjuice, our customers said:

Best Search. Period.

Our natural language search is industry-leading, and built in-house.

Customized Like No Other.

You can never recognize a Helpjuice KB, because they're all customized like no other.

Enterprise Analytics

Analytics that help you understand how your KB is performing, and what's missing.

Content Segmentation

Allow different type of customers to have a different type of knowledge base experience.

Multiple Languages

Simple workflow to author content in many different languages, easily.

Great Workflow

Really simple workflow around authoring content, approving it, and scheduling for updates/expiration.

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Caring Customer Service, Unlike Any Other:

FREE KB Customizations

Allow different type of customers to have a different type of knowledge base experience.

Instant Article Import

Supports any format as it's machine and human powered.

5 Minute Response Time

Not only will we respond within 5 minutes, but we typically resolve most issues in under 1h.

Our Customer's Sucesss Stories:

hoteleffectiveness knowledge base
Manoj Jonna
Eyra Wright
Training Manager @ Hotel Effectiveness

As a trainer and content developer HelpJuice has been essential for sharing articles and help documentation to both our internal team and external customer-facing clients. HelpJuice was already in place when I took my position. Although skilled with online platforms, I expected a learning curve but managing the content was a breeze! From archiving articles to generating new ones, the time efficiency was amazing.

The most important thing I learned when building our library is to be very generous with relatable tags. This is the one tip it would give any new content developer. To "think about how your clients will search for information is what makes HelpJuice useful. Use language clients understand not necessarily how you might speak as a "tech-savvy team member". Your clients will thank you for this.

The best part of HelpJuice I particularly like is previously used formats are supported (including the ability to copy/paste entire documents with images). There is no need to upload images to a gallery before they can be used. Unfortunately, I cannot speak to any initial setup but I know HelpJuice has powerful integrations which help streamline our content/knowledgebase over several platforms. For this reason alone, I would recommend HelpJuice for any team!

Emil Hajric, Helpjuice CEO A note from our founder


Thanks for visiting Helpjuice - This is our fourth version of Helpjuice. We've come a long way since Helpjuice 1-5 years ago.

We've always been a software company uber-focused on producing a line of products super-targetted at solving ONE problem. The mantra of all-in-one software isn't something we subscribe to.

I'd like to welcome to you to try our latest version. It's our best version yet and I think you'll love it.

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Emil Hajric, Helpjuice CEO

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