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Our Knowledge Management E-books

Expand your understanding of knowledge bases with our collection of free ebooks.

Knowledge Management a Theoretical & Practical Guide (200+ pages)

Unlike our other two books, this is not a quick read. This is the ULTIMATE guide to understanding everything about knowledge management.

It's normally $9.99 on Amazon, but we are giving it away totally free (no email opt-in or anything) to our customers.

  • An in-depth look at what knowledge management is, and the different models of it.
  • Implementing a knowledge management strategy, and the implications it can have on your organization
  • Organization-wide knowledge management implementation from capturing knowledge to sharing and re-using it.
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Scaling Support with a Knowledge Base

A quick read that teaches you how to turn your knowledge base into an ultimate support machine.

A culmination of a lot of the ideas we've presented to customers when they faced the 3 common problems with knowledge bases.

  • How to customize effectively so your knowledge base suits the needs of your most valuable customers
  • How to generate and increase traffic to your knowledge base easily
  • How to write the perfect content that helps your customers while you rest
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Using An Internal Knowledge Base To Super-Power Your Organization

Would your organization benefit from having a better eco-system for sharing knowledge? Do you feel as if employee onboarding could be improved? If Yes, this e-book might be a good fit for you.

  • How to effectively onboard employees using a knowledge base
  • Documenting & Systemizing Training employees, via a knowledge bases
  • Using a knowledge base to reduce employee churn rate
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Free Tools

Looking to improve your EXISTING knowledge base? Let Helpjuice help you – Try our lastest free tool!

Helpjuice KB Analyzer

Free Knowledge Base Analyzer & Grader

Ever wondered how good your knowledge base is? Type in your current KB URL and our analyzer will dig through it, grade it, and tell you how to improve it!

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Helpjuice's Integrations help bring you and your team instant knowledge when you need it with our easy-to-use and powerful Chrome & Ticketing and Bot Integrations.

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