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Scaling Support with a Knowledge Base

A quick read that teaches you how to turn your knowledge base into an ultimate support machine.

A culmination of a lot of the ideas we've presented to customers when they faced the 3 common problems with knowledge bases.

  • How to customize effectively so your knowledge base suits the needs of your most valuable customers
  • How to generate and increase traffic to your knowledge base easily
  • How to write the perfect content that helps your customers while you rest
Ryan Sacha

Ryan Sacha

CEO, Gainful

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this e-book. I've read it numerous times, and have suggested it to many of my friends who are also entrepreneurs. Valuable for anyone looking to better understand how to utilize their knowledge base”

Stephen Dale

Stephen Dale

Knowledge Management Expert & Consultant

”I’ve read many KM books during my professional career, most of which I’ve paid for, and I’ve studied the topic as a student, with certification from the Knowledge Management Institute, but I can honestly say this is the most complete reference guide I’ve come across.”

About the Author

Emil Hajric

Emil Hajric is the founder and CEO of – the world’s leading knowledge management platform, trusted and used by thousands of organizations including Walmart, Moneygram, US Government, Stanford University.

Emil’s understanding of knowledge management stems from his deep focused research and contribution to improving the orgainization’s ability to scale customer support and help improve employee training & onboarding. He regularly publishes his findings, and research on the Knowledge Management website, as well as the Helpjuice blog.

Emil and his work have been featured in publications such as:

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