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Helpjuice CEO Emil Hajric Emil Hajric, Founder & CEO

What Is Helpjuice?

Helpjuice makes it easy to deliver instant knowledge to customers and employees via a knowledge base - all within minutes. Using our knowledge base platform, you can elevate your customers to self-help and employees to find critical information in seconds.

Who We Are?

We’ve been in business since 2011 and have an office in Miami, Florida. We’re a remote-first company, which means most of the employees are remote, working next to a beach. We serve businesses in over 65 countries and we’re super passionate about building the best knowledge base platform, and delivering “wow” customer care.

Our Mission

Be the #1 knowledge base platform in the world by creating and delivering software that changes people’s lives.

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Serving Everyone, from Startups to Enterprises

We are proud to be able to deliver instant support to companies ranging from small businesses to large, well-established Enterprises.

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Saved Our Customers Millions of Dollars

We have been able to save our customers over $90,000,000 in customer support costs by helping them utilize the Helpjuice knowledge base software.

Meet The Juicers

Emil Hajric


CEO Miami, FL
Eldin Hajric


Customer Success Miami, FL
Diego Selzlein


CTO Brazil
Amanda Stançani

Amanda Stançani

Customer Support Brazil

Guilherme Arantes

Customer Support Brazil
Denis Omerovic

Denis Omerovic

Front-End Developer Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kenan Sehovic

Kenan Sehovic

Import & Services Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jovan Savic

Jovan Savic

UI/UX Designer Serbia
Josh Brown

Josh Brown

Content New York City, NY
Kanita Sahinovic

Kanita Sahinovic

Customer Success Bosnia and Herzegovina
Matt Duczeminski

Matt Duczeminski

KM Expert Bear, Delaware
Ruslan Konyigin

Ruslan Konyigin

Data Scientist Moscow, Russia
Rebecca Hey

Rebecca Hey

KM Expert London, UK
Isabelle Fredborg

Isabelle Fredborg

KM Expert Stockholm, Sweden
Eldin working on a laptop Helpjuice Crew
Helpjuice team office
Eldin working in a Helpjuice office Helpjuice office

What Guides Juicers

Our Mantra

The 5 principles that are the backbonebehind Helpjuice & what we believe.

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