Easy Authoring & Content Formatting

Authoring & Formating

Limitless Authoring & Formatting

Easy and unlimited text formating, uploading and manipulating with images, videos and many more. All inside powerful Helpjuice editor panel!

Article Versions

Publish Multiple Versions

Work painless with multiple versions of the same article, and easily switch them, all inside same editor!

Structure Content

Structure Content

Structure your content with amazingly easy to use Helpjuice categories and folders! An article could have main, and alternative categories.

Access Level

Control Who Sees What

Set articles to Public, Internal, or Private so you can choose if it's available for a public audience, internal only, or select specific people or groups, all from article editor!

Articles Impact

Understand Content Impact

Analitycs preview inside article editor so you can find out how many people read your article and if they found it helpful!

Articles Comments

Collaboration Directly from Article

Collaborate, comment, and reply to other collaborators live with an amazing commenting feature inside an article, and see how is your article improving in real-time!

Articles History

Easily Restore Article History

We store article history so you can easily restore it to the previous one if you ever change mind about the state of your article!

Helpjuice has been an incredible platform to start building our knowledge base. We had been struggling to find a good system that would give us the functionality we needed at a great price. Helpjuice has given us everything we hoped for and more and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Also, customer support is top-notch.


Training Manager, Utah Government

Unbelievably Customizable

Helpjuice Welcome page

Dozens of Themes to Choose From

Can customize it to basically anything you want it to be - Great personalized support - Fast customization requests - Really good editor - Plenty of themes to choose from - Analytics are great

- Bill L, Director of Operations

Helpjuice Customization request page

Free Expert Customization by Helpjuice

The support team is outstanding. There is no back and forth. They understand the issue you describe and they fix it. Their customization services are fast and reliable.

- Marco A, Director of Customer Experience

Helpjuice Welcome page

Launch a Knowledge Base in Minutes

The onboarding experience was fantastic! In minutes I had someone from Helpjuice contact me and we were able to get our help site customized, populated, and live. They were exceptional and quick to make the customizations we needed.

- Daniel R, Security, and Investigations

Helpjuice Customization page

Customizable Beyond Belief

It is extremely customizable. We have strict brand rules we have to follow and Helpjuice allowed us to make all the customizations we needed

- Tyler, Director of Client Services

Amazing Integrations

  • Slack Logo
  • Google Chrome Logo
  • Salesforce Logo
  • Zendesk Logo
  • Olark Logo
  • Zapier Logo
Helpjuice Slack Channel

Slack Integration

Instantly access, create, and share your team’s Helpjuice articles straight from Slack, with the Helpjuice Slack bot.

Helpjuice Chrome Integration

Google Chrome Integration

The support team is outstanding. There is no back and forth. They understand the issue you describe and they fix it. Their customization services are fast and reliable.

- Marco A, Director of Customer Experience

Helpjuice Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Help ignite your customer support team's performance, with Helpjuice's AI-powered KB suggestions.

Helpjuice Zendesk Integration

Zendesk Integration

Pull relevant KB Articles from your Helpjuice knowledge base straight into your Zendesk tickets.

Helpjuice Olark Integration

Olark Integration

Helpjuice provides an Olark plugin to integrate with your Olark chat! By doing so, Helpjuice will analyze when users start chatting with you and smartly find Knowledge Base articles that match what the user is talking about and suggest them to you so you can use as a response

Helpjuice Zapier Integration

Zapier Integration

With the Helpjuice Zapier integration you can connect your Helpjuice knowledge base to over 1,000+ Integrations.

Kick Start Your Knowledge Base with Helpjuice. Guaranteed, the most powerful & simple knowledge base software

Still not convinced?

Feature List

Sorry for the long list, we did our best to trim it down, and probably forgot a feature or two

Content Authoring

  • Easy to use Editor
  • Related Articles
  • Easy Auto-Generated URL use Editor
  • Article Insights
  • Comments
  • Add Keywords
  • Control Access Levels
  • Change Categories

Analytics, Analytics, Analytics

  • Select Specific Periods
  • Internal Analytics
  • External Analytics
  • User Analytics
  • No Result Search Insights
  • Found Result Search Insights
  • Found Solution Search Insights
  • No Solution Insights
  • Specific Group Analytics
  • Groups Analytics
  • Entire Knowledge Base Analytics
  • Monthly Analytics
  • Weekly Analytics
  • Daily Analytics
  • Annual Analytics
  • + many many more...


  • Salsesforce Integration
  • Zendesk Integration
  • Google Chrome Integration
  • Olark Integration
  • Slack-bot Integration
  • Zapier Integration

Google-Like Search

  • Zero configuration - works like magic
  • Fast and scales without a limit
  • Intelligent search that understands ‘humans’
  • Support for custom keywords and synonyms

SEO Ready

  • Customize keywords
  • SEO Optimized out of the box!
  • Customize Entire HTML and how it’s rendered

Multi-Language Support

  • Support for 130+ languages
  • Easily author content between languages
  • Search optimized for all major languages

Amazing Collaboration

  • Custom Article and Topic Access Control
  • Manage multiple authors per article
  • Communicate changes on articles via commenting
  • Smart approval process and custom roles

Extremely Customizable

  • FREE Pixel Perfect Customization by us!
  • Basic View: Easy modifications without having to code
  • Code view: Control all HTML/CSS
  • Dozens of Amazing Themes
  • Dynamic Variables through Liquid
  • Access to Fully-featured API for Custom Integrations
  • Integrate behind ‘login’ wall

Enterprise-Ready Security

  • SLA Ready
  • SSL Support
  • All Content Securely Stored

User Management

  • Instantly Import Users Via CSV/XLS
  • Support For Many Login Setups (e.g. SSO, AD)
  • Understand Your Users Better
  • Restrict Access By Group
  • Optimized for Thousands of Users

Features You Want But Never Saw Before

  • Article Approval & Workflow Process
  • Easily Back Up Your Knowledge Base
  • Instant Importing From Any File Format
  • Free 24h Migration From Any Platform
  • Slackbot Integration
  • Zendesk/Salesforce Integration
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WOW Care

Ours is 5 minutes, personalized, and technical. Yes, you don’t have to wait days for someone ‘technical’ to respond to you, our team understands knowledge bases, and your account, and we’ll hand hold you through all your questions.


Response Time

Because it's 2020, not 1995


Satisfaction Rate

Because our software is driven by our customers!


Product Decisions by You

Because we care about our customer experience!

Kick Start Your Knowledge Base with Helpjuice

Guaranteed, the most powerful & simple knowledge base software