See how Helpjuice helped Canopy reduce their support tickets by 75%

Quick Overview

Industry: Internet

Location: USA

Team size: 10+

"Having a KB to answer basic questions has also played a big role in reducing the time to onboard new customers from 2 days to minutes. - George Canopy, CTO"

Industry: Internet

Location: USA

Team size: 10+


(10+ people)

What's the purpose/goal of your KB?

Using the Helpjuice knowledge base we wanted to cut down direct response customer support, help bridge the less intuitive process gap and the resources required to make those processes intuitive, and help give context to technical terminology that we would often get questions for. As a resource-strapped small business, we often can't invest resources everywhere to make every single process super intuitive, so the less used ones are often left in a hard to use MVP state. Often customers can't understand how to use these features effectively, so having a KB helps the business team bridge the gaps in usability so that customers are still able to solve their own problems while we allocate resources to make these improvements over time.

What solutions did you approach before you decided to go with Helpjuice?

Our support team used to field every single question and respond to each customer request email. Now we redirect about 75% of inquiries to our KB articles. We also need way fewer tooltips in our app to maintain, which is a huge plus for the cleanliness of our UI.

Why did you decide to use Helpjuice?

We decided to move forward with Helpjuice because it seemed like the most straightforward solution to exactly what we needed, and it had very good reviews on SaaS rating platforms. While considering what platform we wanted to use we looked at Zendesk, Helpjuice, and Help Scout. Zendesk seemed like overkill and was hard to set up, Help Scout seemed a bit outdated and didn't have too many positive reviews, so we ended up going with Helpjuice. A big part of the selling was the ease at which our business team could be onboarded and learn the software.

What's your favorite Helpjuice feature?

My favorite Helpjuice feature is that you will help me import the KB from another FAQ. We actually did a copy of a competitor's KB to help us ideate and kick off our own KB. That, alongside the template system, gave us a really good starting point to get the juices flowing, since it's hard to start anything from a completely blank slate.

What problem are/were you looking to solve with Helpjuice?

As a lean startup, we often cannot make the investment the resources to improve the experience across our entire app at once. Due to this constraint, there are often unintuitive sequences left in our process introduced as a result of partial improvements or "hacking" in new business requirements. Before using Helpjuice, our operations team got many, many support emails from customers confused on how to use specific parts of our product, or potentially less often used (and less often updated) features. About 75% of the questions were very straightforward to answer, or were the same questions every time. Implementing Helpjuice helped us cut this down so we can now forward these customers to our knowledge base. Customer onboarding was especially difficult due to the technical nature of some of the onboarding forms, which needed to be explained to each customer. Having Helpjuice serve as the first point of contact helped reduce our onboarding time from 2 days to minutes.

What kind of an impact has Helpjuice had?

Helpjuice has helped us reduce our direct customer support response by about 75% which is now directed to our KB. Having a KB to answer basic questions has also played a big role in reducing the time to onboard new customers from 2 days to minutes. We also used to invest appx 3-4 hours of time walking new customers through their first deal, which we've now built into our KB.

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