28 Best Knowledge Base Examples

Regularly-updated list of Helpjuice-powered Knowledge Base Examples. Every Knowledge Base you see uses one of our dozens of Helpjuice themes!

A lot of the times, a knowledge base is the first point of contact your customer has before contacting someone, so a delightful experience can certainly win them over to using the knowledge base as opposed to contacting someone.

Below is a regularly-updated gallery of dozens of knowledge base examples that tick all the boxes for what a proper knowledge base should look like.

28 Knowledge Base Examples

Last updated: February 08 2019


Why we like it? Customized Category Icons

WealthBar provides online investment advice and financial services. They help you to plan for and achieve financial independence. 

It's in the nature of their product to keep a transparent approach, which they've done in their knowledge base super-nicely with their simple 7 category layout for hundreds of articles. 


Why we like it? Great use of popular topics & FAQs


Why we like it? Great use of having a 'launch pad' as a centralized place to learn

The knowledge base design of Fullstory is a great example of appealing to all customers: New customers, and existing experts. 

FullStory's knowledge base is amazing for having a simple guide to get started with their product, via their "FullStory Launchpad". They address their new customers well with this

From there, they utilize the knowledge base to display a limited amount of categories, and then finally display a detailed view of their knowledge base categories underneath. 


Why we like it? Great highlight of topics


Why we like it? Cool layout for categories


Why we like it? Good list of popular questions / FAQs


Why we like it? Great use of KB to sell features


Why we like it? Two Column Layout With Sidebar


Why we like it? Lots of categories displayed in a non-intrusive way


Why we like it? Good use of Category descriptions to emphasize importance


Why we like it? Great use of popular topics


Why we like it? Great language switcher


Why we like it? Brilliant use of Table contents feature


Why we like it? Nice branded KB, love descriptive categories/topics


Why we like it? Greatly integrated, including user login, via iFrame & nice q/a format


Why we like it? Beautiful layout of Categories, making it a very easy-to-use knowledge base


Why we like it? Use of category icons always helps UX


Why we like it? Simple, clean look. Very user friendly


Why we like it? Beautiful layout of a lot of categories, and preview of answers


Why we like it? Very simple & clean design


Why we like it? Entire KB is built in two columns, making it very easy to consume


Why we like it? Beautiful way to present small amount of topics


Why we like it? Great example of customized brand


Why we like it? First and only kid-friendly KB we've come across so far!


Why we like it? Great display of popular questions. Clean design.


Why we like it? Very nice display of customized design including icons


Why we like it? Popular topics under search = WIN!


Why we like it? Very mobile friendly design, clean & simple for a mobile-first design


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