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I’m now able to use my Helpjuice knowledge base, straight from Slack. It’s become an essential part of our team communication.

Ryan Sacha, CEO, Promotify
Trustpilot Category leader Software advice Captera

Instant Access To Your Team's Knowledge With Our Slack Integration

Easy Search and Sharing.

With our Slack Integration, you can instantly search your Helpjuice articles and share them with your team – all via Slack.

Capturing knowledge

Instantly Turn a conversation into a KB article

A lot of knowledge is created and consumed in slack - Helpjuice lets you capture it in 2 clicks. With our Slack integration, you can turn conversations into knowledge base articles simply by highlighting the text and in 2 clicks.

Keep up to date with growing knowledge inside your team

Always be aware of new knowledge available within your organization with the Helpjuice Slackbot. Helpjuice will automatically notify you of any important changes happening in your knowledge base.


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