DH SSC Malaysia Reduces Escalations to 2nd Level by 70% with Helpjuice

Quick Overview

Industry: Logistics 

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Team Size: 500-1000

"Helpjuice has been a real game-changer for DH SSC Malaysia. It has allowed us to reduce onboarding time by 2 weeks and improve knowledge retention by 20%, all thanks to the hard work of our Real Time Manager, Arifbillah Ariffen."

Industry: Logistics 

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Team Size: 500-1000


(500-1000 people)

Helpjuice Transforms DH SSC Malaysia's Knowledge Base to Speed Up Onboarding and Retention

DH SSC Malaysia, a real-time manager, was looking for a way to build a knowledge base to help the team handle issues better. After trying out various solutions, they eventually decided to go with Helpjuice. According to Arifbillah Ariffen, the company's knowledge base manager, the UI and setup of Helpjuice was very easy and straightforward, and it fit the needs that they had as a company.

Prior to Helpjuice, DH SSC Malaysia would create flowcharts and store it in Google Slides for all processes, but this was not the most efficient way of sharing knowledge. The goal of their knowledge base was to share the 'how-to' with the entire team and make sure everyone was aligned, especially when onboarding someone new.

Ease of Use Made Helpjuice the Perfect Solution for DH SSC Malaysia

Arifbillah mentioned that one of the main reasons why they decided to go with Helpjuice was the ease of use. He said, “Unlike Google Slides, we can control the visibility on article level and also create more user-readable materials. The UI and setup is very easy and straightforward. It fits the needs that we have as a company.”

Helpjuice Reduces Onboarding Time and Improves Knowledge Retention

Since implementing Helpjuice, DH SSC Malaysia has seen a significant reduction in onboarding time and an improvement in knowledge retention. The onboarding process has been reduced by two weeks, and knowledge retention has improved by 20%. Escalation to 2nd level has also been reduced by 70%.

Helpjuice Provides an Easy-to-Search Knowledge Base for DH SSC Malaysia

The company has also been able to create an easy-to-search knowledge base for their team. Arifbillah commented, “By putting our process on Helpjuice, it makes it easy to share the knowledge and have it easy to search. It's been very helpful in reducing onboarding time and improving knowledge retention.”


Overall, Helpjuice has been a great solution for DH SSC Malaysia. With the easy-to-use UI and setup, they have been able to reduce onboarding time, improve knowledge retention, and create an easy-to-search knowledge base. As Arifbillah noted, “Helpjuice has been a great help in streamlining our knowledge base and making it easier to share information with the team.”

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