OpenMethods: How HelpJuice Increased Search Results by 42% and Shrank Knowledge Transfer Time by 98%

Quick Overview

Industry: Customer Service Software 

Location: San Francisco, CA 

Team Size: 50-100

"We had strict user limitations in each of the tools we were using, so sharing information was doubly difficult because we didn't have enough licenses in each application to give every person in the company access," said Erin Casto, Product Marketing Manager at OpenMethods.

Industry: Customer Service Software 

Location: San Francisco, CA 

Team Size: 50-100

Customer Service Software

(50-100 people)

OpenMethods: How HelpJuice Increased Knowledge Transfer Efficiency by 85% and Shrank Process Time by 98%

OpenMethods, an innovative enterprise software company, faced a challenge all too familiar to many organizations: a “content everywhere” problem. Their content was scattered across multiple tools, each supporting different goals, making information sharing and transfer difficult. Even with the help of Zoom calls and emails, it took multiple days to complete a simple request. On top of that, user limitations in each of the tools meant that only 10% of the company had access to authoring and locating content.

The company desperately needed a solution that would allow for a central location for information, as well as a scalable platform to expand their knowledge base as their product offering grew. Enter HelpJuice.

The Search for a Solution: What OpenMethods Tried Before HelpJuice

OpenMethods had been using Doc360 as their knowledge base, which was great for housing product documentation. But they quickly realized that they needed a solution that was more flexible and scalable so they could house both internal and external content.

They also used SharePoint, Confluence, and OwnCloud to house internal content, but these tools had no search function, and it was difficult to locate content.

“We knew we needed to have a central location that every employee could access, search, and contribute content to,” said Erin Casto, OpenMethods' Product Marketing Manager. “We also knew we needed a scalable platform that would allow us to expand our KB as we expanded our product offering.”

The Solution: HelpJuice Helps OpenMethods Streamline the Knowledge Transfer Process

OpenMethods decided to switch to HelpJuice since they knew that the platform was flexible and scalable, and that the HelpJuice account team was responsive and thorough.

The results have been drastic. OpenMethods has empowered 100% of the company to have access to all of the documentation, an increase from the 10% who previously had access to authoring and locating content.

The information sharing process in the company has improved significantly - what used to take several days now takes a few hours. And the company is currently boasting an 85% successful search result, which is up from 43% in their old KB.

One of OpenMethods' favorite HelpJuice features is the ability to gate internal v external content. “This helps us maintain a clear division between client-facing content and internal-facing content, and is a huge win for our organization,” said Casto.

The Results: From 2 Days to 2 Hours with HelpJuice

OpenMethods has seen massive improvements since implementing HelpJuice. The knowledge transfer process has been reduced from an average of 2 business days to approximately 2 hours - a significant win for their organization.

They have also seen a 42% increase in successful search results (43% in the old KB and 85% in HelpJuice).

“HelpJuice has been a game-changer for us,” said Casto. “We now have a one-stop-shop for our internal and external documentation that makes information sharing and transfer incredibly easy.”


OpenMethods' story is a great example of how HelpJuice can help organizations streamline their knowledge transfer process and improve their overall operational efficiency. With HelpJuice, OpenMethods reduced their knowledge transfer process from days to hours, and increased successful search results from 43% to 85%.

HelpJuice is a powerful tool that can help organizations of all sizes reduce the time it takes to locate and transfer information, and increase their operational efficiency.

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