Istation's Product Launch Manager Shares How Helpjuice Reduced Support Calls by 69%

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Industry: Educational Technology

Location: Texas, US

Team Size: 500-1000

"With Helpjuice, we've seen a 43% decrease in the number of cases created and a 69% reduction in support calls" - Amanda Centorbi, Product Launch Manager at Istation

Industry: Educational Technology

Location: Texas, US

Team Size: 500-1000

Educational Technology

(500-1000 people)

Case Study: Istation Streamlines Product Questions with Helpjuice

Istation, a global leader in educational technology, was looking for a reliable and user-friendly way to streamline the hundreds of product-related inquiries they received each day. They needed a knowledge base that could be easily updated and accessed by their customers, educators, and internal teams. After meeting with a handful of other companies, they chose Helpjuice’s comprehensive platform to create their knowledge base.

Istation Finds a Proactive Solution for Product Questions

Istation provides a comprehensive suite of personalized learning tools that are used by educators around the world. With a growing customer base and product offerings, the company was receiving hundreds of inquiries each day. Most of these were product-related, from both customers and internal teams.

"We needed a centralized repository of information that was searchable," said Amanda Centorbi, Istation's Product Launch Manager. "We were spending too much time searching for answers and needed a proactive solution."

Istation evaluated a handful of companies before deciding to build their knowledge base with Helpjuice. "We found that Helpjuice’s customer service was by far the most proactive and supported us through every step of the way," said Centorbi. "We also felt the platform itself was more user-friendly than the other companies. We loved how customizable it could be and how simple the program itself was to set up and get off the ground."

Helpjuice Enables Istation to Get Content Out in Minutes

Helpjuice's customizable platform and user-friendly interface made it the perfect solution for Istation. With the help of Helpjuice, Istation was able to launch a knowledge base that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Centorbi noted, "The editing tools make article creation a breeze. I don’t have a specific feature specifically, but the ease of updating or creating an article from scratch is extremely easy and allows us to get content out to our customers in minutes!"

Helpjuice Delivers Results for Istation

Since launching their Helpjuice knowledge base, Istation has seen incredible results. Their customer base is able to quickly access the resources they need, and Istation has seen a decrease in the number of cases created since launching their knowledge base. In addition, their customers have read over 295,000 articles within one year and the number of support calls has been reduced by over 69%.

"Helpjuice has been a great addition to our team," said Centorbi. "We’ve been able to achieve our goal of providing an easy-to-use and reliable reference guide for our customers, and have been able to reduce the amount of time we spend searching for answers."


Istation was able to streamline product inquiries with the help of Helpjuice, a comprehensive and user-friendly knowledge base platform. With the help of Helpjuice, Istation was able to reduce the number of support cases they receive and their customers have read over 295,000 articles within one year. Istation has also seen a decrease in the amount of time spent searching for answers, thanks to Helpjuice’s reliable and customizable platform.

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