Boosting Customer Satisfaction: How Helpjuice Helped Ascend Fundraising Solutions Increase Response Rates by 20%

Quick Overview

Industry: Fundraising Solutions

Location: USA

Team size: 51 - 100

"Helpjuice is a game-changer for our company. It has revolutionized the way we manage our knowledge and has greatly improved our efficiency." - Josh Scott, Director of Operations, Ascend Fundraising Solutions

Industry: Fundraising Solutions

Location: USA

Team size: 51 - 100

Fundraising Solutions

(51 - 100 people)


Ascend Fundraising Solutions, a leading company in the fundraising industry, based in [Location], was facing a common challenge of scattered knowledge across multiple platforms. With a diverse range of internal and customer-facing documentation, Ascend Fundraising Solutions was in dire need of a solution that could consolidate all their knowledge into one centralized space. Enter Helpjuice, a robust knowledge base software designed to streamline information management and accessibility.

The Challenge

Ascend Fundraising Solutions had been struggling with storing their vast collection of internal and external knowledge in various locations, causing difficulties for their stakeholders in finding crucial information quickly. Josh Scott, the Director of Operations at Ascend Fundraising Solutions, elaborated on the issue:

"We stored a lot of our internal and customer-facing documentation in a bunch of places. Helpjuice is helping us consolidate all of our company's internal and external knowledge into one central space. This assists all stakeholders in finding key information with clicks of a button."

Finding the Perfect Solution

Ascend Fundraising Solutions explored several options to address their knowledge management needs. After careful consideration, they discovered Helpjuice, a comprehensive knowledge base platform that offered the perfect blend of features, customization, and exceptional support. Josh Scott shared his thoughts on why they chose Helpjuice:

"The support we received from the beginning and just setting up the account was exceptional. We received an email minutes later with some customizations to our page. Helpjuice goes above and beyond to make the onboarding experience and first interaction a positive one."

The Impact of Helpjuice

Since implementing Helpjuice, Ascend Fundraising Solutions has experienced significant improvements in their knowledge management processes. By consolidating their knowledge base into Helpjuice, they were able to achieve remarkable results:

Favorite Features

Helpjuice's range of features provided Ascend Fundraising Solutions with the tools they needed to optimize their knowledge management. Josh Scott, impressed with Helpjuice, expressed his favorite feature:

"Unlike other providers we looked at, we loved being able to segment out our knowledge base based on the user type. This allowed us to cater to the specific needs of different stakeholders, making the information easily accessible and relevant to them."

Furthermore, Ascend Fundraising Solutions appreciated the seamless onboarding experience and the effortless upload of their existing documents to Helpjuice.


With Helpjuice, Ascend Fundraising Solutions successfully consolidated their scattered knowledge into one centralized knowledge base. This allowed stakeholders, whether internal or external, to find critical information with just a few clicks, resulting in improved response times and customer satisfaction. Helpjuice's exceptional support, customization options, and user-friendly interface made the transition smooth and positive for Ascend Fundraising Solutions.

If your organization is struggling with knowledge management challenges like Ascend Fundraising Solutions, it's time to consider Helpjuice. Start consolidating your knowledge, streamlining processes, and delivering better customer support today.

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