Revolutionizing Product Support with a 50% Drop in Customer Questions

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Industry: Technology

Location: San Francisco, California, US

Team size: 100 - 500

"With Helpjuice, knowledge isn't siloed anymore. It has greatly increased customer confidence and expanded collaboration within teams." - Daniel Hellerman, Chief Product Officer at Saleo

Industry: Technology

Location: San Francisco, California, US

Team size: 100 - 500


(100 - 500 people)

In the fast-paced world of software solutions, staying ahead requires more than just innovative products—it demands a seamless customer experience and exceptional support. That's where Saleo, a trailblazing software company in the heart of Silicon Valley, sets itself apart. In this case study, we delve into how Saleo harnessed the power of Helpjuice's knowledge base platform to reshape customer support, streamline internal training, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Heading Towards Unity: A Unified Solution for a Complex Challenge

Located in the heart of innovation, Saleo has been redefining the software industry since its inception. Specializing in cutting-edge solutions tailored to each customer's unique integration and needs, the company faced a complex challenge: how to provide a unified help center that would replace Zendesk and accommodate diverse customer-specific areas.

"We were looking to solve a unified help center that could replace Zendesk, that allowed us the freedom and flexibility to create customer-specific areas of that help center as well, that could grow with us," notes Daniel Hellerman, Chief Product Officer at Saleo.

A Customer-Centric Approach to Knowledge Management

Recognizing the need to cater to their diverse customer base, Saleo turned to Helpjuice to revolutionize their knowledge management strategy. With Helpjuice's versatile platform, Saleo could now provide customer-specific help center areas, making onboarding new users a breeze.

"The customer-specific help center areas make onboarding new users of Saleo a lot easier," adds Hellerman.

Breaking Free from Limitations: Why Helpjuice Became the Obvious Choice

When Saleo's growth demanded a scalable solution, Helpjuice emerged as the clear winner. Previously, Saleo had been using the Zendesk startup plan, but the pricing became exorbitant as the user base expanded. Moreover, the rigid licensing structure of Zendesk hindered collaboration and flexibility within the team.

"Because many of our employees contribute to it, they all needed agent licenses, and there was no flexibility on Zendesk's side," explains Hellerman.

Empowering Metrics and Insights for Enhanced Support

One of the driving forces behind Saleo's adoption of Helpjuice was the need for actionable insights into customer behavior and knowledge consumption. Helpjuice's analytics capabilities allowed Saleo to understand which users were accessing the help center and the specific topics they were researching, enabling the company to fine-tune their support strategy.

A Knowledge Revolution: Unleashing the Power of the Helpjuice Knowledge Base

With Helpjuice's intuitive and customizable platform, Saleo embarked on a knowledge revolution. They aimed to outline their product's features, cutting down on repetitive customer inquiries and empowering users to find answers independently. Over a short period, the results were astounding.

"We are a more recent launch, but even so, I'd say we've probably seen a 50+% drop in questions around typical product features," highlights Hellerman. "Additionally, it's helped us expand inside of teams and increase customer confidence greatly, as knowledge isn't siloed to the original team that onboarded the software."

Transforming Onboarding and Internal Training for Faster Results

The transformation extended beyond customer support. With the Helpjuice knowledge base, Saleo's onboarding process for new employees became significantly more efficient. "We have just started onboarding new employees with the help center, but we are already seeing a significant (~50%) reduction in time to product knowledge, as it's helped with internal self-training," says Hellerman.

Conclusion: Elevating Customer Support and Beyond

Through their partnership with Helpjuice, Saleo has achieved remarkable results—reducing customer inquiries, empowering self-service support, and enhancing internal training. By adopting a customer-centric approach and embracing the flexibility of Helpjuice's platform, Saleo has set new standards in the software industry.

As Daniel Hellerman, CPO of Saleo, aptly puts it, "We were looking to solve a unified help center, and Helpjuice not only solved that challenge but also propelled us towards new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction."

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