Software Solution's Customer Support Miracle: How Helpjuice Slashed Inquiries by 80%!

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Industry: Software Solution

Location: USA

Team size: 11 - 50

"Thanks to Helpjuice, we conquered the chaos! Our daily inquiries dropped by 80%, making support a breeze." - Levi Matusof, COO, Marketgap

Industry: Software Solution

Location: USA

Team size: 11 - 50

Software Solution

(11 - 50 people)

Discover the Journey of Marketgap, a Tech Industry Leader

Welcome to the success story of Marketgap, a prominent technology company based in the United States. In a world buzzing with innovation, Marketgap faced a challenge that many businesses encounter—managing a growing customer base while maintaining efficient customer support. Enter Helpjuice, the game-changer that revolutionized Marketgap's support and scalability.

Overwhelmed by Inquiries: A Challenge for Marketgap

Before embracing Helpjuice, Marketgap grappled with a significant hurdle. Levi Matusof, the COO, reflects on the struggle: "Our primary challenge was the sheer volume of direct customer inquiries—averaging at 5 per day. This manual response process was time-consuming and posed concerns about our ability to scale efficiently."

The Journey to a Self-Service Revolution

Recognizing the need for a self-service solution, Marketgap turned to Helpjuice. The impact was profound, with daily inquiries plummeting by 80%, translating to 4 fewer questions every day or 120 fewer a month. This shift wasn't just about efficiency; it became the cornerstone of their growth strategy.

Scaling Up Without the Stress

Levi Matusof highlights the game-changing impact, "This crucial shift allows us to scale up to 20 times our current user base without expanding our customer service team. It's a game-changer for our growth strategy, ensuring we can support many more users without stretching our resources thin."

Quotes from Levi Matusof, COO of Marketgap

"Thanks to Helpjuice, we conquered the chaos! Our daily inquiries dropped by 80%, making support a breeze."

"Helpjuice is the growth catalyst we needed. Scaling up 20 times without adding staff? It's not a dream—it's our reality."

"Helpjuice turned our struggles into success. 120 fewer inquiries per month means more time for growth!"

Unlocking Success with Helpjuice's Features

When asked about favorite features, Levi Matusof shares, "While we haven't tried other platforms to draw a comparison, we're genuinely impressed with Helpjuice. The customization options for our knowledge base are spot-on for our brand, and the auto-translate feature broadens our reach."

Why Helpjuice Stood Out

After researching various platforms, Helpjuice stood out for several reasons. Its features were comprehensive and tailored to Marketgap's needs. Positive user reviews reinforced its reliability, and the platform offered the flexibility they sought, allowing them to adapt and customize it to specific requirements.

The Purpose of Marketgap's Knowledge Base

Levi Matusof explains, "The idea behind our knowledge base was to give our users the power to help themselves. Instead of waiting for us to reply, they could just find the answers on their own. Plus, on our end, it meant we didn't have to answer the same stuff over and over. The struggle was real before we had this setup."

Join Marketgap in the revolution of customer support and scalability with Helpjuice. Experience the transformation firsthand and unlock the potential for your business.


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