How Fluent Home Slashed Support Calls by 97% with HelpJuice!

Quick Overview

Industry: Home Security

Location: Utah, United States

Team size: 100 - 500

"HelpJuice made our knowledge base an interactive powerhouse. The easy interaction for both agents and customers, along with powerful features, sealed the deal for Fluent Home!" Melissa Fitzner, Tech Support and Article Edition KB

Industry: Home Security

Location: Utah, United States

Team size: 100 - 500

Home Security

(100 - 500 people)

Meet Fluent Home

Fluent Home, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, stands at the forefront of providing cutting-edge smart home security systems to customers across the United States and Canada.

The Challenge: Aiming for Seamless Troubleshooting

Melissa Fitzner, Tech Support and Article Edition KB Specialist at Fluent Home shares their mission:

"Our goal is to provide a step-by-step guide on troubleshooting various types of equipment. HelpJuice is our go-to knowledge base for both customers and employees, offering a comprehensive collection of articles for effective self-help. We have both public and private versions to cater to all our users."

Quantifying Success: Impactful HelpJuice Metrics

The numbers speak for themselves. Based on HelpJuice KB metrics:

  • Over 2,724 searches per month from customers and employees.
  • Responses were provided to an impressive 2,705 individuals.
  • Only one person required additional support through a call.
  • Success rate of searches: 97%.
  • Floor support was reduced by 16% this month.
  • 98% of support team agents find the responses they need in the private KB.

Favored Feature: Breaking Language Barriers

Melissa Fitzner expresses her appreciation for HelpJuice's features:

"One of the features that I like the most is the translation tabs, which are essential for us because we have clients who speak different languages."

Challenges and Solutions: Navigating the Knowledge Base

Melissa Fitzner acknowledges challenges and solutions:

"It's easy to select the location when creating an article, but as soon as you lose track of it, it becomes a tedious process to find the article, especially if it's in another language. Another tricky thing is to stay up to date because some articles are empty or repeated. I love the preview and draft options, even the image options. I can add pictures and highlight the text that I forgot to highlight right there."

Why HelpJuice? Features and Price Seal the Deal

Reflecting on the decision to choose HelpJuice, Melissa Fitzner shares:

"I believe the decision was the HelpJuice features and the price. The easy interaction we all can have with the KB, whether agents or customers, is part of the appeal. Almost everyone who edits the knowledge base prefers to use the legacy editor."

Past Endeavors: Exploring Various Solutions

As a growing company, Fluent Home experimented with different platforms such as Intercom KB and private solutions. Melissa Fitzner reflects on the journey:

"We tried various platforms and even our small development teams brainstormed ideas for the knowledge base. Improving our articles became a focus for us, making them more explanatory for everyone who uses it."

The Knowledge Base's Mission: Empowering Users

Melissa Fitzner shares the overarching goal:

"The objective is to equip customers and employees with the necessary information so that they can help themselves without having to request assistance. The knowledge base should be up-to-date and comprehensive, reducing the need for human intervention."

Conclusion: Transforming Support at Fluent Home

Fluent Home's journey with HelpJuice has been transformative, revolutionizing their support system and empowering both customers and employees. The impressive metrics and Melissa Fitzner's insights showcase the real impact of HelpJuice in making support efficient, effective, and user-friendly.

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