Helpjuice Helped Stockinstore Reduce Help Questions by 30-50%

Quick Overview

Industry: Technology, Information and Internet

Location: Cremorne, Victoria

Team size: 11-50

"Helpjuice's knowledge base software has completely transformed the way we organize and manage our information. It has brought order to the chaos and allowed us to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for our customers." - Mark Thompson, Knowledge Base Manager at Helpjuice

Industry: Technology, Information and Internet

Location: Cremorne, Victoria

Team size: 11-50

Technology, Information and Internet

(11 - 50 people)

About Stockinstore

Stockinstore, a leading name in the tech industry, has embarked on a journey to enhance its customer support experience. Based in a bustling technology hub, the company is known for its innovative approaches and cutting-edge solutions. Stockinstore, with its rich history of technology advancements and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, stands as a beacon of excellence in the tech world.

Challenges Faced by Stockinstore

Andrew Maver, Co-founder of Stockinstore, shares, “Our goal was to provide an extensive Knowledge Base for our customers. We were seeking a platform that not only offered secure access but also included a comprehensive HTML editor for diverse search capabilities.”

Introducing Helpjuice to Stockinstore's Ecosystem

Helpjuice emerged as the perfect solution, aligning seamlessly with Stockinstore’s requirements. Maver explains, “Helpjuice met nearly all our needs, from transferring our existing content from WordPress to implementing custom designs at no extra cost.”

Impact of Helpjuice on Stockinstore

The introduction of Helpjuice has been a game-changer for Stockinstore. Although it’s still early days, Maver is optimistic about reducing customer help questions and inquiries by an impressive 30-50%. The integration of Helpjuice has streamlined the customer support process, making information more accessible and user-friendly.

Customer Feedback: The Power of Helpjuice

“The flexibility to categorize articles in multiple ways is a significant advantage,” Maver states, highlighting his favorite Helpjuice feature. This capability enhances the user experience, allowing customers to navigate the Knowledge Base with ease.

Choosing Helpjuice: A Decision That Made All the Difference

Before settling on Helpjuice, Stockinstore explored various alternatives, including Intercom, Help Scout, Hubspot, Atlassian,, and Stonly. However, Helpjuice's comprehensive service package, including content transfer and custom design implementation, set it apart as the ideal choice.

Goals and Purpose of Stockinstore's Knowledge Base

"Our initial setup was a Wordpress site secured with a basic password. It was rudimentary and not customer-centric,” Maver recalls. With Helpjuice, Stockinstore aimed to create a sophisticated, secure platform accessible exclusively to their paid customers, significantly enhancing their support infrastructure.

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