Ayda Achieves 80% More Efficiency and Satisfaction with Helpjuice

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Industry: Software Development

Location: UK

Team size: 2 - 10

"Helpjuice transformed our support process completely. We went from spending hours on repetitive emails to just one-click solutions." - Letycia Bialle, Customer Success Manager at Ayda

Industry: Software Development

Location: UK

Team size: 2 - 10

Software Development

(2 - 10 people)

Transforming Customer Success: How Ayda Cut Email Correspondence by 80% with Helpjuice

In the fast-paced world of customer support, efficiency and clarity in communication are paramount. Ayda, a leading technology firm specializing in innovative healthcare solutions, faced a common yet daunting challenge: reducing the volume of support tickets while enhancing the quality of information provided to clients. Enter Helpjuice, a comprehensive knowledge base solution that promised not only to streamline Ayda's customer communication but also to transform it. This case study explores the journey of Ayda's Customer Success Manager, Letycia Bialle, and her team, as they leveraged Helpjuice to achieve remarkable results.

Attention: The Challenge of Overwhelming Email Correspondence

Before integrating Helpjuice, Ayda's support team was inundated with emails from clients requiring assistance. "We used to have around five emails back and forth with clients to explain things, which was incredibly time-consuming," recalls Letycia. The sheer volume of correspondence not only strained the support team but also delayed responses to clients, affecting the overall customer experience.

Interest: Seeking a Solution

The quest for a solution led Ayda to evaluate various platforms, with Helpjuice emerging as the front-runner due to its compelling combination of features and affordability. "We checked with other companies, but Helpjuice seemed to be a better option, offering all the features we needed for less money, which was great," Letycia explains. The decision to go with Helpjuice was driven by its user-friendly design, the ability to link articles easily, and the potential to significantly reduce support tickets.

Desire: Implementing Helpjuice

Implementation of Helpjuice's knowledge base was straightforward, thanks to its intuitive design and ease of use. "The design and how easy it is to link articles were what stood out to us. It made the transition seamless," says Letycia. By centralizing critical information and making it easily accessible to clients, Ayda aimed to diminish the need for direct email support and empower clients to find answers independently.

Quantifying the Impact

The impact of integrating Helpjuice into Ayda's customer support strategy was profound. "We've reduced from around five emails to just one when talking to clients. Now, I just send one email with the KB link, and they don't come back with follow-up questions," Letycia proudly states. This significant reduction in email correspondence not only streamlined operations but also enhanced client satisfaction by providing quicker, more efficient access to information.

Action: The Results Speak for Themselves

Since adopting Helpjuice, Ayda has seen an 80% reduction in email correspondence related to client support. This drastic decrease has allowed the Customer Success team to allocate more time to proactive client engagement and other value-added activities, further enhancing the overall customer experience.

Why Ayda Recommends Helpjuice

"Helpjuice hasn't just reduced our email load; it has transformed the way we engage with our clients. The ability to provide comprehensive, accessible information has made a world of difference in our support strategy." - Letycia Bialle, Customer Success Manager at Ayda


Ayda's journey from overwhelming email correspondence to streamlined customer communication underscores the transformative power of Helpjuice. By prioritizing efficiency and accessibility, Ayda has not only improved its support operations but has also set a new standard in customer engagement. For organizations looking to elevate their customer support experience, Ayda's success story serves as a compelling testament to the benefits of Helpjuice.

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