Discover the Secret to Obbi's 30% Decrease in Support Tickets!

Quick Overview

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Team Size: 1 - 10

"Thanks to HelpJuice, we've seen a 30% decrease in support tickets for simple issues, allowing us to focus on more valuable tasks and scale effectively." - Christopher McAtackney, Chief Product Officer at Obbi

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Team Size: 1 - 10

IT Services and IT Consulting

(1 - 10 people)

Attention: The Challenge Obbi Faced

As a rapidly growing tech firm, Obbi was inundated with support requests for simple tasks. The Chief Product Officer, Christopher McAtackney, shares, "We were spending an excessive amount of time on basic customer queries. This was not only inefficient but also prevented us from focusing on more strategic tasks."

Interest: Why Helpjuice Was the Solution Obbi Needed

Obbi needed a robust solution to streamline their customer support and onboarding processes. After exploring several options, they chose Helpjuice for its unmatched customizability and dedicated customer service. "Helpjuice stood out because of its flexible and user-friendly knowledge base, which allowed us to drastically reduce the time spent on handling simple support queries," explains McAtackney.

Desire: The Transformative Impact of Helpjuice on Obbi

Implementing Helpjuice has revolutionized the way Obbi interacts with its customers. "We've seen a 30% decrease in support tickets and saved 1-2 hours on training for each new customer onboarded," McAtackney highlights. This significant improvement has enabled Obbi to enhance its customer experience and operational efficiency.

Moreover, Obbi's favorite feature—the ability to customize the knowledge base with HTML/CSS—has allowed them to create a professional-looking, accessible resource for customers and internal teams alike. "The customizations service provided by Helpjuice, turning around our requests in just a few days, has been a game-changer for us," adds McAtackney.

Action: How Helpjuice Empowers Obbi and Its Customers

With Helpjuice, Obbi has built a centralized repository of knowledge, not just for product use but also for sharing success stories and learnings from other customers. This has bridged the gap between development, customer success, and marketing teams, fostering a cohesive customer experience strategy.

"Choosing Helpjuice was one of the best decisions we made. It has allowed us to scale comfortably, knowing our customers have the resources they need to succeed with our product," says McAtackney.


Obbi's story with Helpjuice is a testament to how effective knowledge management solutions can transform customer support and onboarding processes. By empowering their customers with the resources to solve problems independently, Obbi has not only improved customer satisfaction but also optimized their internal workflows, proving that with the right tools, companies can achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and growth.

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