Apptegy onboard employees 2x faster and increased close rates by 7% using Helpjuice

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Industry: Education Management

Location: USA

Team size: 51 - 200

"We are saving 4-8 minutes per email of researching the links and contact info to include. HelpJuice has made a difference on the efficiency and impact of our sales work, which is valuable. - Melissa Stone, Sales"

Industry: Education Management

Location: USA

Team size: 51 - 200

Education Management

(51 - 200 people)

Apptegy Sees 7% Increase in Close Rates with Helpjuice Knowledge Base

Apptegy, a tech company based in Arkansas, had been growing exponentially over the past five years, from three beta clients to nearly 2,000. With such rapid growth, Apptegy needed a streamlined way to keep track of its client references.

Lead Account Manager Melissa Stone had been hired two years ago and quickly identified the need for a better way to organize and store client references. She knew that the right knowledge base platform could help Apptegy provide higher quality references to their prospects, leading to an increase in close rates.

"We had been using a few different platforms prior to our use of Helpjuice," explained Stone. "But we made the switch to Helpjuice because of the ease of use and cost savings."

Helpjuice proved to be the perfect fit for Apptegy. Stone was particularly impressed with the ability to see all her cards and information in one easy-to-use dashboard, without having to toggle back and forth between screens. "The formatting is also really easy to use," said Stone. "I can utilize the basic editor tools and maintain consistency with our branding."

Helpjuice Internal Employee Cards Improve Team Relations

In addition to maintaining an organized database of client references, Apptegy also uses Helpjuice for task manuals, benefits, and policies. Stone also appreciates the time-saving benefits of task manuals, as well as the internal employee cards.

"We get to know our remote teams three times as well with the internal employee cards," said Stone. "Plus, with task manuals, we're able to onboard employees twice as fast."

The time saved is invaluable for Stone and the rest of the Apptegy teams. Before using Helpjuice, they would waste time asking the same questions every few weeks and responding to them. Now, they can simply search the Helpjuice database and find the answers they need.

The collective amount of time saved by using Helpjuice is staggering – nearly 22 hours per week. And the impact on Apptegy's close rates has been just as impressive, increasing by 7% on average.

Helpjuice: The Perfect Solution for Apptegy's Knowledge Base Needs

Helpjuice has been the perfect solution for Apptegy's knowledge base needs. Stone and the rest of the Apptegy team can now easily update and maintain their database of references, with multiple users from multiple teams able to work on the Helpjuice library without stepping on each other's toes.

"The ease of use to edit and update has been the major influencing factor," said Stone. "We had to let our developers work on code instead of having to code our Wiki manuals. Helpjuice has been a game-changer for us and has helped us streamline our client references and eliminate internal silos."

Helpjuice has been a major asset for Apptegy and has allowed them to provide higher quality references to their prospects, leading to a 7% increase in close rates. The time saved from using Helpjuice is also invaluable, with the Apptegy team collectively saving nearly 22 hours per week. With Helpjuice, Apptegy is now able to easily update and maintain their database of references and stay on top of the dynamic nature of their client pool.

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