Boomtown uses Helpjuice as the go-to tool for customers & everyone in their organization to access all the information they need

Quick Overview

Industry: Software / Real Estate
Location: South Carolina, USA
Team Size: 250-1,000

"Really love Helpjuice, especially for the price. The support is very helpful and responsibe. " – Alan F, Cofounder, Boomtown

Industry: Software / Real Estate
Location: South Carolina, USA
Team Size: 250-1,000

Software / Real Estate

(250 - 1,000 people)

What's the purpose / goal of your KB?

We use our KB as an internal tool to ensure everyone in our organization has quick access to all the information they need. First, every customer has an account page in our KB with all the details about that account including overviews, escalation information, key contacts, billing information, products they sell, and more. They also have specific pages for process flows and support topics. We also use the KB as a more standard KB for technology systems that we support.

What solutions did you approach/try, before deciding to go with Helpjuice?

We used Google Wiki/Sites (forget the actual name), which was a nice free offering in the early days to get us started but we quickly outgrew it, especially as we needed to build out a true knowledge base with a fast search function.

Why did you decide to use Helpjuice?

Primarily for ease of use and affordability. We did not need a ticketing system and many other KB platforms had to be attached to a ticketing system. Also, it was one of the easiest systems to get up and running with (included customization and easy to learn navigation).

What integrations would you like to see in Helpjuice?

More robust APIs would be nice. We build a lot of bots and are seeing if we can access info from our KB via APIs, but it's quite limited on what we're able to pull.

What's your favorite Helpjuice feature?

1) Easy edit button right from front end view.
2) folder structuring
3) auto creating side nav bars using H2 tags (and having customization help setting this up). (Sorry, more than one :)) 

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