Discover How Software Development Company Cut Support Requests by 82% with Helpjuice!

Quick Overview

Industry: Software Development

Location: Limerick, Ireland

Team Size: 10 - 20

"With Helpjuice's customizable knowledge base, we seamlessly embedded it within our SPA, providing easy access to crucial information. Our users love it, and so do we!" - Brian Sexton, CTO at Sitenna.

Industry: Software Development

Location: Limerick, Ireland

Team Size: 10 - 20

Software Development

(10 - 20 people)

Case Study: How Helpjuice Revolutionized Sitenna's Knowledge Base


Sitenna, a leading technology company based in San Francisco, is focused on revolutionizing the way people interact with their products. With a commitment to providing exceptional user experiences, Sitenna sought a solution to streamline their user onboarding process and reduce the influx of repetitive support requests. Helpjuice, a powerful knowledge base platform, emerged as the ideal choice for Sitenna's requirements.

The Challenge: Simplifying User Onboarding Support

"We needed a secure knowledge base that we could embed within our single-page application (SPA). We were receiving numerous support emails with the same questions that could easily be addressed in a comprehensive knowledge base," explains Brian Sexton, CTO at Sitenna.

The Solution: Embracing Helpjuice

Sitenna explored various options, including HubSpot, to fulfill their knowledge base needs. However, none of the alternatives could match their requirements. Ultimately, they turned to Helpjuice for its seamless integration capabilities and customization options.

"We decided to use Helpjuice because of its easy integration with our platform. We were up and running in a matter of hours with a custom knowledge base," praises Sexton. "The support team was excellent in responding to our questions, particularly when we encountered challenges with our security policies."

The Impact: Empowering Users, Streamlining Support

Since implementing Helpjuice, Sitenna has experienced a remarkable transformation. The company's user onboarding support requests have decreased by an impressive 82%. Users now have instant access to all the information they need in a user-friendly and easily accessible format.

"Helpjuice has revolutionized our user onboarding experience. Our users can find answers to their questions without the need for direct support, which has significantly reduced our support workload. The impact has been tremendous!"

- Brian Sexton, CTO at Sitenna

Customization: A Time-Saving Advantage

One of the standout features that delighted Sitenna's team was Helpjuice's ability to customize the look and feel of the knowledge base to match their platform's design.

"I love that Helpjuice has the ability to request customization of the knowledge base. It saved us a tremendous amount of time and effort in getting the knowledge base ready for our launch," Sexton affirms.

Enhanced User Experience, Efficient Processes

Sitenna's primary goal with the knowledge base was to provide a more efficient way of delivering information to their self-onboarded users, eliminating the need for traditional user guides.

"We are a small team, and responding to the same emails daily was highly inefficient. Helpjuice enabled us to establish a better process and deliver a superior user experience," says Sexton.


Helpjuice has proven to be a game-changer for Sitenna, revolutionizing their knowledge base and enhancing the user experience. With Helpjuice's seamless integration and customization options, Sitenna was able to embed a secure knowledge base within their platform in no time.

The impact has been remarkable, with Sitenna reducing user onboarding support requests by 82%. Users now have instant access to all the information they need, leading to a more efficient and streamlined support process. The ability to customize the knowledge base's look and feel saved Sitenna significant time and effort, aligning it seamlessly with their platform's design.

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