Exceptional Support Made Easy: Helpjuice's Impact on MyRec.com's Onboarding and Support Efficiency

Quick Overview

Industry: Technology, Information, and Internet

Location: Virginia, United States

Team size: 1 - 50

"Implementing Helpjuice has allowed us to be more efficient with our staff resources and provide better support to our clients." - Marie Heard, Knowledge Base Coordinator at MyRec.com

Industry: Technology, Information, and Internet

Location: Virginia, United States

Team size: 1 - 50

Technology, Information, and Internet

(1 - 50 people)

Introduction: A Growing Need for Efficient Support

MyRec.com, a leading provider of online recreation services based in Cityville, USA, faced a significant challenge in managing customer service calls and providing quick and effective support to their clients. Handling up to 500 service calls per week, they realized the importance of creating a better location for their help articles, tutorials, and resources. The company values its staff's time in reaching clients and wanted to optimize their resources. This led them to search for a robust knowledge management solution that would enhance customer support while empowering clients to find solutions independently.

Discovering HelpJuice: A User-Friendly Solution

After researching various knowledge base platforms, MyRec.com found their answer in HelpJuice. The user-friendly format of HelpJuice's customer/public side was a perfect match for their clients, including those who were not particularly computer-savvy. Marie Heard, the Knowledge Base Coordinator at MyRec.com, expressed her satisfaction with HelpJuice's layout:

"I like how the dashboard shows folders, subfolders, articles, and the dates they were last modified. I use this to update our older articles with new formatting. I think this would work well with a To-Do or checkbox feature in the future, so your clients can create lists of articles to improve or assign to content writers."

"I love that with HelpJuice I can include step-by-step instructions, screenshots, videos, accordions, and formerly decision trees to help our clients use the Knowledge Base very effectively."

Boosting Efficiency and Empowering Clients

Implementing HelpJuice significantly impacted MyRec.com's operations. The company was able to onboard and support approximately 300 additional departments, marking immense growth over the past few years. Without HelpJuice's Knowledge Base, the Onboarding and Support teams would have struggled to handle this volume while still providing exceptional support. The efficiency of MyRec.com's onboarding and support departments increased significantly by allowing clients access to organized and easy-to-use help documents.

Marie shared her insights into the impact of HelpJuice:

"Our goal in using our Knowledge Base is to provide clients with an additional layer of support. We want our clients to be empowered to find their own solutions when they are comfortable with that instead of making them reliant on the Support team for simple solutions. We aim to save our clients' precious time while leaving Support available for less confident clients or more complicated Support issues."

Seamless Transition from Old PDF Help Guides

Prior to adopting HelpJuice, MyRec.com relied on old PDF help guides that lacked essential features like keyword search, topic-based organization, and an attractive layout. Marie, who was a former client of the company, experienced the drawbacks of these outdated guides firsthand:

"Calling into Support was a much better option."

"Now, with the articles in our Knowledge Base, I see that many clients prefer using that versus contacting Support for their easier support issues."

Positive Customer Feedback

MyRec.com's commitment to providing exceptional support has paid off, with positive feedback pouring in from its clients. The user-friendly layout of the HelpJuice Knowledge Base allows clients to locate information easily and follow step-by-step instructions with confidence. This feedback further validated that MyRec.com's use of HelpJuice aligns perfectly with its goal of efficient and independent client support.

Conclusion: A Game-Changing Solution

HelpJuice proved to be a game-changing solution for MyRec.com, a company that values its staff's time and strives to offer the best support to its clients. The adoption of HelpJuice's Knowledge Base empowered their clients to find solutions independently, leading to increased efficiency for the onboarding and support departments. MyRec.com's exemplary growth, supporting approximately 300 additional departments, demonstrates the tangible impact of HelpJuice on its success.

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