Financial Services Company 2x Training Effectiveness With Helpjuice

Quick Overview

Industry: Financial Services
Location: Virginia, USA
Team Size: 11 - 50

"Helpjuice's Google-like Search Has Led Us To A 2x Increase In Employee Training Effectiveness" – Jason Rojas, IT Manager

Industry: Financial Services
Location: Virginia, USA
Team Size: 11 - 50

Financial Services

(11 - 50 people)

What's the purpose / goal of your KB?

We were looking to cut down the time spent answering basic questions about policy and procedures and get back to running a company and take it to become even more successful. Our operations teams were spending a lot of time answering questions and the message was not being communicated across effectively.

Our goal with a knowledge base is to reduce the operations department interruptions with the questions of What, how, when and why, so that we can focus on high priority issues, projects.  We have a good split of office/telework and so being able to answer questions from anywhere in the world (provided you have internet) is extremely valuable for us.

Our 2nd goal is to all get on the same page on, the How, when what where and why and document that process. It can be very challenging and potentially dangerous when everyone is doing important tasks different ways.

Our 3rd goal is to aid us in our training process. or training process still in development but our knowledge base can be instrumental in on our onboarding process. We can see a 2x increase in our training effectiveness.

What problem are/were you looking to solve with Helpjuice?

We are a small company with less than 30 people that manage over 900 million dollar in client assets.  Our operations teams consist of  3-4  people and wear multiple hats.  The operations team's day consists of answering repeated questions the majority of the day about policies and procedures.  it was challenging to set company goals and achieve them because of the challenge of supporting the company.  We need a platform to be the first checkpoint to answer our company's most repeated questions

We had a lot of turnover in a good way, because we had a lot of veterans retiring and we were/are bringing people in to replace them.  Unfortunately the veterans  had the knowledge and we constantly had people asking how, what, when or why.  

Our training process was still very much in development. We also have a challenge of Silos doing things in their own way especially because we have 2 offices in 2 different states. There are times where that is an issue because we have to make sure we are following regulations so we must make sure we are all performing certain tasks the same way.

Why did you decide to use Helpjuice?

It was extremely cost-effective, super easy to get going and the support is fantastic.  The speed at which you can get this off the ground is amazing, you can start resolving your issues and see immediate results.  if you can perform a google search you can use Helpjuice.  it is as intuitive and fast. It was also amazing to see their roadmap and with that they listened to our feedback.  We can post comments, feature request and they are actually reading the forums.  

The Helpjuice team is always available when you have a question and respond promptly.  They are an amazing team that really listens to their customer base and is forward thinking.

What solutions did you approach/try, before deciding to go with Helpjuice?

We use Salesforce as our CRM and we tried their knowledge base platform and we found that it was overly complicated and was very limiting in their design tools.  It was also very expensive we were getting 2 editor licenses and now we can license all our users (25) as editors if we wanted to.

Salesforce knowledge was mainly designed for contact / customer service and not really designed as a standalone platform. It was slow very confusing to implement and too more time to implement

What kind of an impact has Helpjuice had on your company?

Helpjuice has helped us create a new focus on bringing our teams together performing efficiently and effectively, making sure we are all on the same page.  Helping operations focus on what are the gaps and missing links in our task management and also helping us focus on moving the company forward instead of acting as team support the majority of times.

What's your favorite Helpjuice feature?

The design tools used to make an article digestible and easy to read.  Having things like tabs, accordions, adding rich media such as pictures, videos, being able to relate to other articles are features that are a must for knowledge to be consumed today.  Being able to easily imbed objets such as videos, images easily, really make articles more enjoyable and helps "article digestions" more powerful as we can design an articles to assist in the ways they can digest their content.  

The analytics are amazing because we can see what articles are hot and which ones are not. I love that we can make Helpjuice look like a Google search engine. It's a great start when you have a familiar experience that anyone can use the tool. If you can search Google you can search Helpjuice.


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