From Overwhelmed Support Tickets to 300 Answers Discovered Without Human Help!

Quick Overview

Industry: Finance and Insurance
Location: Brazil
Team Size: 50-100

"No more guessing games! Helpjuice's 85% success rate in user searches uncovered 300 relevant answers in our first month—pure genius!" - Afonso Oliveira, Product Manager at Isaac

Industry: Finance and Insurance
Location: Brazil
Team Size: 50-100

Finance and Insurance

(50 - 100 people)


Isaac, a prominent player in the financial products industry for schools, faced a significant challenge—managing the overwhelming influx of support tickets. Seeking a solution to efficiently address customer queries, they turned to Helpjuice to enhance their FAQ experience.

The Challenge

As Afonso Oliveira, Product Manager at Isaac, explains, "With the substantial increase in support tickets, we needed a way to streamline our customer support. A significant portion of these queries could be efficiently addressed through well-crafted articles within our knowledge base."

Choosing Helpjuice

Isaac explored various solutions, including Strapi and Document360, but ultimately chose Helpjuice for its clear pricing, internal analytics tool, low involvement and need for technology teams, clarity in functionality, and the availability of a free trial.

Unlike Strapi, I love that with Helpjuice I can track metrics with low effort and know what is working or not in our KB.

- Afonso Oliveira, Product Manager, Isaac

Implementation and Impact

During the initial month of Helpjuice implementation, Isaac witnessed remarkable results. They achieved an 85% success rate in user searches, leading to the discovery of approximately 300 relevant answers. This not only reduced the load on the support team but also empowered customers to find solutions independently.

Quantifying the Impact

The metrics speak volumes about the success of Helpjuice at Isaac:

- 20% increase in knowledge base usage by customers and users.

- 85% success rate in user searches, discovering around 300 relevant answers in the first month.

- Greater productivity for service teams using links from the knowledge base in ticket responses.

Favorite Helpjuice Feature

When asked about his favorite Helpjuice feature, Afonso Oliveira highlights the ability to track metrics effortlessly. "I love that with Helpjuice, I can track metrics with low effort and know what is working or not in our KB."

Future Goals

With Helpjuice in place, Isaac aims to empower customers to solve their own doubts while activating the support team for complex problems. The knowledge base serves as a central hub for information, making it easier for both customers and the internal team to access the right information promptly.


Helpjuice has proven to be a game-changer for Isaac, offering a clear and efficient way to manage customer queries and streamline support processes. The quantifiable impact speaks to the success of the implementation, making Helpjuice the go-to solution for enhancing the FAQ experience for financial products in schools.

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