From Support Tickets to Satisfaction: The Incredible Transformation at Sign In Central Record

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Industry: Staffing and Recruiting
Location: Oak Brook, Illinois
Team Size: 1 - 10

"With Helpjuice, we achieved a 98% search success rate and saw a 7% drop in support tickets. It's been a game-changer for our team." - Alicia Roberton, Customer Success Specialist at Sign In Central Record

Industry: Staffing and Recruiting
Location: Oak Brook, Illinois
Team Size: 1 - 10

Staffing and Recruiting

(1 - 10 people)

Attention: Identifying the Need for an Advanced Knowledge Base

Alicia Roberton, a dedicated Customer Success Specialist at Sign In Central Record, faced a critical challenge: the existing platform for their knowledge base was not meeting the growing needs of their customers. "We were on the lookout for a platform that not only supported our content-rich articles but also integrated support video guides and allowed direct customer feedback," Alicia recounts.

Interest: Why Helpjuice Stood Out from the Competition

After evaluating several solutions, Sign In Central Record chose Helpjuice for its unparalleled features and cost-effectiveness. "The deciding factors were Helpjuice's competitive pricing, user-friendly article feedback options, and its ability to seamlessly transition our existing content," says Alicia. Highlighting the analytics tool, she adds, "It’s amazing to see our search success rate skyrocket to 98%, a testament to Helpjuice's effectiveness."

Desire: The Impactful Results of Implementing Helpjuice

Switching to Helpjuice has led to remarkable improvements for Sign In Central Record. "We’ve experienced a 7% drop in support tickets, primarily due to the enhanced search functionality and intuitive layout of our knowledge base," Alicia explains. The feedback and suggestions feature has also empowered customers to contribute, fostering a collaborative environment for improvement.

"The ease of transferring and setting up articles, coupled with the invaluable 'Review' option, has streamlined our content management process significantly," Alicia proudly shares. The responsive support team at Helpjuice was another key factor in their success, providing prompt and helpful assistance whenever needed.

Action: Transforming Customer Experience with Helpjuice

Sign In Central Record's knowledge base has become a centralized hub for customer support, thanks to Helpjuice. "Our goal was to offer a single point of reference for our customers, and Helpjuice has enabled us to achieve that brilliantly," Alicia states. With features like decision trees, easy feedback options, and the ability to make article suggestions, customers now have a powerful tool at their fingertips.

"The transformation with Helpjuice has not only enhanced our support capabilities but also elevated the overall customer experience. It’s a game-changer for us," concludes Alicia.


Sign In Central Record's journey with Helpjuice underscores the significant benefits of choosing the right knowledge base platform. By improving search success rates, reducing support tickets, and enhancing customer engagement, Helpjuice has proven to be an invaluable asset for Sign In Central Record, driving forward their mission to deliver exceptional customer support.

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