From Zero to 370,000 Views: Net2phone's Journey with Helpjuice Knowledge Base

Quick Overview

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

Location: USA

Team size: 1,000 - 10,000

"Thanks to Helpjuice, we have successfully transitioned to remote work while maintaining exceptional customer service standards." - Sara Mosher, Content Operations Manager at Net2phone

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

Location: USA

Team size: 1,000 - 10,000

IT Services and IT Consulting

(1,000 - 10,000 people)


In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, net2phone Canada, formerly known as Versature, has been a beacon of innovation and customer service excellence. With a mission to streamline communication solutions for businesses worldwide, net2phone faced a critical challenge: enhancing their client support system to match its high-quality service offerings. Enter Helpjuice, a leading knowledge base platform that transformed net2phone's approach to information sharing and client support.

Challenge: Seeking a Better Way to Share Knowledge

"Before Helpjuice, we relied on outdated PDFs for support articles, which were cumbersome for our team and clients," explains Sara Mosher, Technical Content Operations Manager at net2phone. "We needed a solution that was not only robust and user-friendly but could also evolve with our growing global presence."

Solution: Implementing Helpjuice for Global Impact

After evaluating several platforms, net2phone chose Helpjuice for its intuitive one-page editor UI, effective SEO capabilities, and cost-efficient pricing. The transition to Helpjuice enabled net2phone to launch a comprehensive Canadian Knowledge Base in 2018, followed by expansions to support international clients and partners. "Helpjuice's consistent innovation and stellar support made it the obvious choice for our global knowledge base needs," Mosher adds.

Results: A Paradigm Shift in Knowledge Management

Since its inception, the net2phone Canadian Knowledge Base has seen over 370,000 views and 250,000 readings. "The impact on our support and onboarding teams has been monumental. Helpjuice hasn't just improved our client service; it's transformed how we share knowledge internally and with our partners," Mosher reflects. The platform's shareable URL-only feature has streamlined internal reviews, while the embedded articles in email campaigns have enhanced marketing efforts.

"The Helpjuice knowledge base has become an indispensable tool for our teams, driving efficiency and improving client satisfaction across the board."

Favorite Features & Future Goals

Mosher praises Helpjuice's one-page editor and URL-only sharing option as game-changers for content management. Looking ahead, net2phone aims to launch a global Knowledge Base in 2024, audit and rebrand its Canadian KB, and enhance its digital asset management system. "Our journey with Helpjuice has been about more than just a platform; it's been a partnership that's empowered us to achieve our knowledge sharing goals," Mosher concludes.

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