How Helpjuice Cut Article Creation Time by 8x

Quick Overview

Industry: Software Development

Location: Missouri, USA

Team size: 10 - 200

"With Helpjuice, we were able to create articles 8 times faster, reducing the average time to create a single article from 2 hours to just 15 minutes. This efficiency boost allowed us to focus on delivering high-quality support content to our customers." - Scott Perdue, Sr. UI/UX Design Manager at Linxup

Industry: Software Development

Location: Missouri, USA

Team size: 10 - 200

Software Development

(10 - 200 people)

The Challenge Linxup Faced

Linxup, a leading technology company, found itself grappling with an outdated and inefficient help section. Their old system was a static HTML site with a broken search box, making it nearly impossible for customers to find the help they needed. "We knew we needed a big change," states Scott Perdue, Senior UI/UX Design Manager at Linxup.

Interest: Discovering Helpjuice

After evaluating various options, Linxup chose Helpjuice for its ease of use, customizability, comprehensive hosting capabilities, and powerful search functionalities. "Helpjuice stood out because it offered everything we needed at a fraction of the cost of other solutions," explains Perdue.

Desire: Unmatched Efficiency and Customization

With Helpjuice, Linxup experienced an 8x faster article creation process, reducing the time from 2 hours to just 15 minutes per article. This efficiency gain is attributed to Helpjuice's powerful CMS, eliminating the need for custom HTML and FTP processes. Moreover, Helpjuice's fully customizable template, styled to match Linxup's branding, significantly enhanced their user experience. "Seeing our knowledge base styled in our branding was mind-blowing," says Perdue.

Action: The Tangible Benefits of Helpjuice

Linxup's adoption of Helpjuice has not only streamlined their content creation process but also transformed their internal training platform. "Helpjuice solves the problem of intuitively finding and presenting materials, with a proper search box that was sorely missing before," Perdue notes. The company is now poised to launch its customer-facing knowledge base, expecting significant reductions in support calls and improved user satisfaction.

"With Helpjuice, we have transformed our approach to knowledge management. Our team can now focus on what they do best, thanks to the time saved and the enhanced support experience for our customers and staff," - Scott Perdue, Sr. UI/UX Design Manager at Linxup.

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