How Jur Family Group Transformed Their Support Process in Just Weeks with Helpjuice

Quick Overview

Industry: Real Estate

Location: Los Angeles, CA 

Team Size: 50-100

"Helpjuice has enabled us to reduce our support contacts to only 7 contacts per week and has significantly improved our support process" - Karlee Carreiro, Human Resources Manager at Jur Family Group

Industry: Real Estate

Location: Los Angeles, CA 

Team Size: 50-100

Real Estate

(50-100 people)

How Jur Family Group Used HelpJuice to Transform Their HR Team

Jur Family Group is an industry leader in the private equity industry, located in the heart of New Orleans. With over 50 team members, they sought to revolutionize the way they run their Human Resources (HR) department. They needed a quick and easy way to answer questions, provide resources, and reduce the administrative workload associated with HR. After researching the market, they decided to implement HelpJuice.

The Problem: Administrative Overload

Karlee Carreiro, Human Resources Manager for Jur Family Group, was looking for a solution for the administrative overload that comes with supporting multiple units and a number of Team Members. She needed a one-stop shop where she could post the answers to frequently asked questions, build out self-service forms, and share tools/resources that are used frequently in each person's day-to-day roles.

The Solution: HelpJuice

HelpJuice was the perfect solution for Karlee and the Jur Family Group HR team. It allowed them to quickly and easily set up a knowledge base with customizations such as a branded log-in page and theme, re-routing categories and articles to their outside tools, and quickly and easily embedding tools as well. In addition, HelpJuice also provided an integrated case management software, which has been great for their support team to quickly and easily help their team find the information that they need. Even if there isn't an article to answer the question yet, the user can submit the question and get an answer right away. This enables them to create a draft article to get the answer on the roadmap to be formalized and posted for future use.


Since implementing HelpJuice, Jur Family Group has seen a significant improvement in their HR processes. They have had 1379 total searches and reduced support contacts to only 7 contacts in the last 5 months. This was a major improvement from the 100+ per month across multiple platforms that they were receiving prior to HelpJuice. Karlee has been extremely satisfied with HelpJuice, citing the flexibility and customizability as her favorite feature. She mentioned that it was “really easy to use on the back-end with an intuitive platform that was familiar to other document formats, but embedded right in the platform. It’s super quick and easy to update articles on the go, while also being user-friendly on the front end for the team with the search functionality.” The goal of their knowledge base is to give their team the ability to be resourceful and investigative in problem-solving. HelpJuice gives the team the ability to self-learn and self-serve as they encounter different questions or concerns. It puts the knowledge in their hands to help fill training gaps or give them the resources to refresh when they need it.


Jur Family Group’s success story with HelpJuice is a great example of how internal processes can be revolutionized with the right tools. By implementing HelpJuice, they have been able to cut down on the administrative workload associated with HR and give their team the ability to quickly and easily get the information they need. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your HR needs, HelpJuice is the perfect solution.

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