How Overlake School overcame COVID-19 operation difficulties thanks to Helpjuice.

Quick Overview

Industry: Education

Location: USA

Team Size: 51 - 200

"Before Helpjuice, emails would get lost in inboxes and we would get frequent calls or tickets. Helpjuice has been a been a lifesaver in the middle of Covid! - Sharon Johnson, Tech Support Specialist"

Industry: Education

Location: USA

Team Size: 51 - 200


(51 - 200 people)

What's the purpose/goal of your KB?

We were starting to divide up our time to see who was on point to man the Help Desk and answer tickets.  This didn't work very well, as we all had different expertise.  In Tech, every customer can come in with a slight variation of another person, even though this would be a ticket under the same category.  Even Mac or PC user makes a difference.  WE really needed to cut down on our time working on help desk tickets and had no way for folks to find answers beside hoping they would use Google.  The trouble with Google is that for most of our faculty and students they don't have enough knowledge to know how to find the answer and they were overwhelmed by the Google answer.  Helpjuice allows us to create custom answers relevant to our users.  They want the answers quickly so they can keep teaching. 

What solutions did you approach/try before you decided to go with Helpjuice?

Originally our web developer and data person was going to create our own KB, but others on the Team found Helpjuice and LOVED the simplicity that was already there for us.  We also checked out some other KB sites, but this was the one that stood out for us.  We did a virtual meeting and shared what we found and after some resistance from the Data and Web developer, we decided to do a trial 2 weeks.  After those 2 weeks, everyone was hooked!

Why did you decide to use Helpjuice?

We were impressed on how user friendly it was for us and the end user (our teachers/students/staff)!  It also had the customization we wanted and was easy for our web folks to add our school logo, exact special colors and our messaging.  We also liked the options of which custom look we wanted.  We voted and found the one with a simple, clean look we were looking for.  Originally our web developer and data person were going to create our own KB, but others on the Team found Helpjuice and LOVED the simplicity that was already there for us.  I think everyone on the Team is happy and sees the value now that we went to Helpjuice.  So professional looking and easy, a no brainer!  Love that we can easily embed links, photos and videos.  It really was everything we were looking for in a KB! 

What's your favorite Helpjuice feature?

Hard to pick just one! We love the pre made choices and the customization we could add to that choice. The look we got to chose and the ease of changing the color scheme, logo, link to our help desk ticketing system and simplicity of implementing all this!  The other feature we love is that we can all collaborate on a KB article.  I may start an article, but can ask a coworker to add their expertise.  We can keep adding to the articles as we find it needs more information.  It is nice that users can say if the article was helpful or not.  Lots to love!  I really can't express enough how happy we are with Helpjuice! 

What problem are/were you looking to solve with Helpjuice?

We were getting inundated with help desk tickets.  We were spending lots of hours answering these tickets and not getting to our necessary, larger, projects.  It was feeling frustrating and yet we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  We needed a solution to free our time up in tech without having to hire more tech personnel. The constant changing of technology is hard for folks to keep up with, even if you are in the Tech Dept. 

What kind of an impact has Helpjuice had?

Very impactful on our time management.  We are able to create Internal User articles, where folks can refer back and get the information they need.  In the past, these tech emails would get lost in their inboxes and we would get frequent calls or tickets.  Now, we have learned to create an article for all sorts of training or important information, so that it doesn't go away.  We can set an expiration date or love that we can set the audience.  Some articles we only want available to internal employees (Faculty/students/staff) and others for the public (parents).  This has relieved our time load and freed us up for the larger Tech projects of upgrading projectors, new cameras for each classroom (virtual teaching) and upgrading our network!  We haven't ran metrics yet as we are fairly new customers, but know it has been a lifesaver in the middle of Covid!

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