Navigating the Knowledge Maze at RCPMS/CPCMG with HelpJuice!

Quick Overview

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Southern California, United States

Team size: 1000 - 5000

"Choosing HelpJuice was a no-brainer for us. It not only housed our massive content seamlessly but also accommodated our user needs. The pricing was right, and HelpJuice checked all our boxes for a single source of truth!" - Lauryn Chao, Junior Analyst at RCPMS/CPCMG

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Southern California, United States

Team size: 1000 - 5000


(1000 - 5000 people)

Meet RCPMS/CPCMG: A Pioneer in Healthcare

RCPMS/CPCMG, a prominent healthcare organization, is dedicated to providing top-notch healthcare services. With a focus on patient education and provider knowledge, they strive to empower both patients and clinicians.

The Challenge: Unifying Healthcare Information

Lauryn Chao, Junior Analyst at RCPMS/CPCMG, highlights the challenge they faced:

"In our organization, healthcare information scattered across various platforms created a need for a unified solution. HelpJuice's Knowledge Hub (Health Hub) emerged as the answer to house patient-facing instructions and internal documents, acting as our single source of truth."

Quantifying Impact: Speeding Up Patient Response

Implementing Health Hub resulted in tangible improvements:

  • A 10% decrease in response time for Population Health nurses and Nurse Care Connect teams.
  • Enhanced access to patient education materials contributes to quicker healthcare guidance.

Favorite Features: Customer Service and Customization

Lauryn Chao applauds HelpJuice's standout features:

"The customer service at HelpJuice is really amazing. Shoutout to Amanda, Ivana, and Soukaina who have always been friendly and helpful. Another great feature is the customizations. HelpJuice can do customizations on my behalf, making it an invaluable resource as the possibilities are endless."

Why HelpJuice? A Perfect Fit for RCPMS/CPCMG

Choosing HelpJuice was a strategic decision for RCPMS/CPCMG:

""We decided to go with HelpJuice because it seemed like it could meet all of our needs. The pricing was within budget, and it checked all our boxes for creating a centralized knowledge base. HelpJuice became our first and only attempt, and it exceeded our expectations.""

Past Solutions: A Journey Towards Efficiency

Prior to HelpJuice, Lauryn Chao reflects on previous challenges:

""Patient-facing instructions were scattered within Epic, making it difficult to track changes and original authors. Internal documents were stored on MCN, but it wasn't ideal for our provider-specific needs. HelpJuice provided the dedicated place we were seeking.""

The Knowledge Base's Purpose: Empowering Patients and Providers

The Knowledge Hub serves a dual purpose at RCPMS/CPCMG:

""Our goal with patient education is to empower our patients and families with reliable healthcare advice. For providers, the KB houses internal articles, tip sheets, policies, and clinical practice guidelines, serving as a go-to resource for best practices and workflows.""

Conclusion: Transforming Healthcare at RCPMS/CPCMG

RCPMS/CPCMG's journey with HelpJuice exemplifies a healthcare transformation, making information accessible, reducing response times, and empowering both patients and providers. Ready to revolutionize your healthcare information management? Discover the possibilities with HelpJuice today!

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