Primary Goods ticket requests dropped by 60% thanks to Helpjuice

Quick Overview

Industry: Retail

Location: USA

Team size: 11 - 50

"With Helpjuice we can just create and update our information on one platform and save us 90% of our time. - Toni Jugo, Director of Operations"

Industry: Retail

Location: USA

Team size: 11 - 50


(11 - 50 people)

What's the purpose/goal of your KB?

As a small business, we wear different hats to fill in different roles. We multitask most of the time. With our knowledge base, we aim to help customers to read common questions and scenarios that they might be encountering without emailing or contacting us.

What solutions did you approach before you decided to go with Helpjuice?

We previously had our own knowledge base that helps our customers see our common questions, scenarios, and information they need. We need to use two platforms to sync it into our website. It takes about 80% of our time and we even need to hire one dedicated person to just update everything. But when we have Helpjuice, we have updated one platform and it is very easy.

Why did you decide to use Helpjuice?

Helpjuice stands out with the other platforms we check in choosing our knowledge base platform. It is very user-friendly, stylish, and the customer service is very helpful. Having a simple platform like Helpjuice makes us choose the best knowledge base platform for our company.

What's your favorite Helpjuice feature?

We like Helpjuice when it collects all the data that the customers are searching for; we collect those data weekly and see how we can improve our knowledge base. Unlike our previous knowledge base, we only rely on what the customers are asking us through phone calls and emails. It gives us the dashboard that we need on the percentage of the common questions that the customers are looking for.

What problem are/were you looking to solve with Helpjuice?

We are having a hard time updating our FAQ page since it is integrated with two platforms. We have to update both at the same time and it is time-consuming. With Helpjuice we can just create and update our information on one platform and save us 90% of our time. It is very user-friendly.

What kind of an impact has Helpjuice had?

60% reduction on our tickets. With 2,000 tickets per week, we reduce it to 720 tickets. Our employees can make time to do other tasks then just answering tickets and phone calls. 90% accurate and updated with our knowledge base information.

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