Reveni Saved 20 Hours Monthly and Transformed Onboarding Forever!

Quick Overview

Industry: Technology/Software

Location: USA

Team size: 100 - 500

"Thanks to Helpjuice, we've reclaimed 20 people-hours every month, allowing us to focus on real client value. Now, our team fixes problems and uncovers opportunities instead of repeating the same info!" - Pablo Molinero, Cofounder & COO, Reveni

Industry: Technology/Software

Location: USA

Team size: 100 - 500


(100 - 500 people)

The Challenge

Meet Reveni, a trailblazing company in the Technology/Software field based in the United States. With a freemium model and a commitment to seamless onboarding, Reveni faced a significant challenge: efficiently sharing knowledge and reducing the time spent onboarding new clients.

The Quest for a Solution

Enter Pablo Molinero, Cofounder & COO of Reveni. Frustrated with the lack of a well-designed knowledge base, Pablo set out to find a solution that would not only streamline onboarding but also empower their Customer Success and Operations staff to add tangible value to their clients.

The Search for the Perfect Fit

Pablo and his team explored various options, including Zendesk and Freshworks, but none seemed to align with their vision. It was when they discovered Helpjuice that everything changed.

Why Helpjuice?

Pablo Molinero, in his own words:

"Helpjuice's flexibility, simplicity, and collaboration features set it apart. Unlike other options, it's not overloaded with unnecessary complexities. We wanted something that works GREAT without drowning in features we wouldn't use. Helpjuice was the perfect compromise."

The Impact: Numbers that Speak Volumes

Implementing Helpjuice didn't just meet expectations; it exceeded them. Reveni achieved:

- Saved 20 man-hours per month

- Onboarded customers 3 days faster

This means Reveni's Customer Success and Operations staff can now focus on fixing client problems and unlocking opportunities, rather than repeating information that can be efficiently shared through Helpjuice's knowledge base.

Pablo's Favorite Features

Reflecting on his experience, Pablo highlighted what sets Helpjuice apart:

"Unlike other options, Helpjuice is way simpler, easier to customize, and it's specialized in KB. We also loved how easy it is to collaborate with the team to create the KB and the flexibility to adapt it to our look & feel."

The Future with Helpjuice

Looking ahead, Reveni envisions continued success with Helpjuice. The knowledge base serves as a go-to place for all documentation, facilitating a smooth onboarding process for self-onboarding freemium customers and relieving the Customer Success team from repetitive tasks.


In the world of Reveni, Helpjuice emerged as the hero, transforming challenges into opportunities and inefficiencies into productivity. With quantifiable results and a glowing endorsement from COO Pablo Molinero, it's evident that Helpjuice isn't just a solution; it's a catalyst for success.

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