Stashbee Achieved 90% Solution Quality Index Since implementing HelpJuice Help Center

Quick Overview

Industry: Consumer Services

Location: UK

Team size: 10 - 50

"We had less than 2% of people contact our support team from the help articles which has meant a significant reduction in the support teams email responses - Elliot Looms, Business Analyst"

Industry: Consumer Services

Location: UK

Team size: 10 - 50

Consumer Services

(10 - 50 people)

How Stashbee Improved Customer Support and Free Up Developer Time with HelpJuice

Stashbee is a UK-based online marketplace for short-term storage. They provide businesses and individuals with secure, convenient and cost-effective storage solutions across the UK. Stashbee was looking for a way to reduce the administrative overhead of their support team and free up the developers’ time, so they turned to HelpJuice for a comprehensive help centre.

The Problem

Stashbee had a custom-built help centre with a simple article structure and no search functionality. This created a few problems for them. Customers were struggling to find the answers they were looking for, resulting in an increased number of emails to the support team. Additionally, the developers had to manually input changes to the help centre, taking up 2-3 hours of their time every week.

The Solution

Stashbee decided to use HelpJuice to solve their problems. HelpJuice offered a comprehensive help centre with a search functionality to help customers quickly and easily find the answers they need. Additionally, HelpJuice allowed them to set up article history and version control, so it was easy to see what had been changed over time. Best of all, HelpJuice was more cost-effective than other providers, and all their features were available with their lower-priced plans.

“HelpJuice seemed like the best fit for our team from our calls with them. They also had all their features available with the lower-priced plans, which was great for a growing company like us.” - Elliot Loomes, Business Analyst at Stashbee


Since implementing HelpJuice, Stashbee has seen some impressive results. Their Solution Quality Index (the percentage of searches that return an answer) has increased to 90%, resulting in fewer emails to their support team. Additionally, the developers have been freed up from manually inputting changes, saving them 2-3 hours a week. This has allowed them to focus on product enhancements.


Stashbee was able to reduce their administrative overhead and free up their developers’ time by implementing HelpJuice. With its comprehensive features and lower-priced plans, they were able to create a help centre that allowed customers to quickly and easily find the answers they need. This resulted in a 90% Solution Quality Index and a significant reduction in the support teams’ emails.

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