SaaS Platform Replaces Hiring More Support Reps For a Self-Service Knowledge Base For Customers

Quick Overview

Industry: Retail
Location: Quebec, Canada 
Team Size: 11-50

"We were looking to get away from making MS Word documents, user manuals and other PDF based documents, tried open source solutions, and ultimately found Helpjuice" – Chris F, Technical Lead,

Industry: Retail
Location: Quebec, Canada 
Team Size: 11-50


(11 - 50 people)

Helpjuice Case Study: SMS Storetraffic Reduces Support Requests By 50% & Streamlines Onboarding Process

SMS Storetraffic is a cloud-based software platform that provides customers with devices alerts related to their product, as well as educational material to resolve any issues. The company was in search of a new knowledge base to integrate into its platform. After researching and testing a number of different solutions, SMS Storetraffic decided to go with Helpjuice.

“Helpjuice was the perfect fit for our needs,” says Christopher French, SMS Storetraffic’s Technical Lead. “It was completely scalable to our needs and with that we were able to tailor it to keep costs very low, without having to sacrifice any features!”

Integrating Helpjuice Into the SMS Storetraffic Platform

The implementation of Helpjuice was a public help website, which was able to provide customers with direct links to articles or sections of articles, instead of having to be knowledgeable about which page to find the info on in a user manual. Not to mention that video tutorials and be easily integrated into HJ, unlike a PDF user manual.

“We were able to resolve issues faster and reduce support requests by up to 50%,” French states. “Prior to the implementation of Helpjuice we were providing support by means of users manuals in PDF form. Now we have an easy means of keeping track on our knowledge while making sure there is source that is kept up to date.”

Onboarding Partners 3x Faster With Helpjuice

Helpjuice also enabled SMS Storetraffic to onboard partners who resell its products and services 3x faster, while being able to maintain a single place where they can always trust they have a private access to the most recent and up to date internal knowledge.

“We’re able to keep our partners up to date with the most recent changes and updates to our products,” French explains. “Without Helpjuice, this would have been a time consuming and manual process. Now, it’s easy and efficient.”

Helpjuice Improves Support Chat & Reduces Active Case Length

Helpjuice also improved overall chat length with SMS Storetraffic’s support chat by 60%. French says, “The support chat was able to provide customer with direct links to articles or sections of articles, instead of having to be knowledgeable about which page to find the info on in a user manual. This enabled us to reduce active case length and the need to hire more in-house support reps.”

Customize & Deep Dive Into HTML Code

French’s favorite Helpjuice feature is its ability to customize the public help site and deep dive into the HTML code to make some quick tweaks. “Needing to make changes to your theme color to match your branding or if it’s just that you simply cannot get that picture to the alignment you like visually, no problem change it in the code to be more precise,” he explains.

Helpjuice: A Must Have Application

Overall, French highly recommends Helpjuice for any company looking to integrate a knowledge base into its platform. “At SMS Storetraffic we always wanted to make sure were getting the biggest band for our buck and with Helpjuice there is no doubt that we are,” he says. “The Helpjuice team is always around and responds quickly to any needs you may have regardless if it is related to setup, customization or support related issues. Simply an application our company cannot live without.”

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