SaaS Platform Replaces Hiring More Support Reps For a Self-Service Knowledge Base For Customers

Quick Overview

Industry: Retail
Location: Quebec, Canada 
Team Size: 11-50

"We were looking to get away from making MS Word documents, user manuals and other PDF based documents, tried open source solutions, and ultimately found Helpjuice" – Chris F, Technical Lead,

Industry: Retail
Location: Quebec, Canada 
Team Size: 11-50


(11 - 50 people)

What's the purpose / goal of your KB?

Our company does not have the budget to hire more customer support resources so we were looking for a way to reduce the volume of calls and e-mails that we are receiving.  Having a great WiKi and customer self-help page that is simple, customizable and cross device compatible was a necessity.  After implementing the solution Helpjuice provides into our customer responses and learning material for our hardware and software projects, it did not takes us long to see that we had ultimately made the right choice. 

What solutions did you approach/try, before deciding to go with Helpjuice?

DocuWiki was an internal open source software which we used in-house, which unfortunately required PHP coding knowledge for someone to populate with content.  Along with it the requirement to have it on a server on-premise.  CONS: Difficult to setup, manual back-ups needed to be performed and once someone erased the folder along with all the content =(.  Helpjuice is a Cloud solution and retains multiple versions of our content MS SharePoint - Not as easy to use or organize all your content as Helpjuice does with it's folders in the UI Dashboard. As well as the search feature is by far more superior providing actual results that I did not have to come up with key words for. We are looking to get away from making MS Word user manuals, and other PDF based documents that provide information about our hardware and software products.  Providing a document is hard to keep outdated versions out of circulation and ensure that company wide people are always using the most up to date content and providing answers based off the best information.

Why did you decide to use Helpjuice?

We were looking to get away from making MS Word documents, user manuals and other PDF based documents that provide information about our hardware and software solutions or just for internal employees to use as reference about procedures.  Keeping documents like the above up to date, distributed effectively and outdated copies out of circulation is next to impossible.  Not to mention content that is not meant for customers and internal use only in the right hands. Helpjuice aids us with an easy to use UI and content management software which also implements information security by being able to publish content (Publicly, Privately or to Specific people) all while with the correct editing permissions.

What integrations would you like to see in Helpjuice?

With our company expanding globally and already with a strong foothold in North America.  The ability for a content users to quickly translate the material into their native language such as French or Spanish would save us much time needing to localize the content and purchase additional translation services.

What's your favorite Helpjuice feature?

Embedding video, pictures and other articles into the material enriches the user experience.  This enriched content can lead to users actually wanting to use the self-help site prior to contacting our support.

Please rate your support, 1-10

I would give it an 9.  The response time is great and the support representative was very helpful and alert to my issue.  Aside from the that I haven't really had to use support much at all and am always kept well informed about any issues with access to the platform or performance related issues.

Please rate your thoughts on product, 1-10

Definitely a 9. Simple easy to use and get started.  Has everything I was looking for in a information content management solution plus additional features that allow for content management that does give you additional grey hairs when attempting to use it.

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