IT Services and IT Consulting Company Cut Down Owner Communication by 50% and Saw a 20% Reduction in Resolution Time With Helpjuice, in Just Two Weeks

Quick Overview

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

Location: Texas, USA

Team size: 5 - 10

" Helpjuice is ridiculously easy to use. We signed up on a Saturday and had 40 articles published by Monday. "- Ashley Radcliff, Owner, NTPC Tech Solutions

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

Location: Texas, USA

Team size: 5 - 10

IT Services and IT Consulting

(5 - 10 people)

What's the purpose/goal of your KB?

The purpose of our KB was to eliminate calls made to owners, cut down on troubleshooting time, eliminate clicks, and have all pertinent information readily accessible for our support team so we (the owners) didn't get calls all day long. Helpjuice made this possible. With the article tag capability, the ability to add an article in another category, and the ability to manually add related articles quickly and easily, it's cut down on our calls and we've been able to empower our team by giving them the best tool we've found to find the resolution to a problem on their own. 

What solutions did you approach before you decided to go with Helpjuice?

We tried Trainual, IT Glue, and our PSA software documentation (which was horrible). Helpjuice gave us the ability to search for resolutions in a Wiki-style format which made it incredibly efficient for us as business owners. It checked all of our boxes - cut down on owner calls, reduce resolution time, and eliminate clicks. 

Why did you decide to use Helpjuice?

Helpjuice is ridiculously easy to use. We signed up on a Saturday and had 40 articles published by Monday. 

What's your favorite Helpjuice feature?

Trainual, I love that with Helpjuice I can quickly create an article or have someone on my team draft an article for me to approve. I can embed Loom videos within two clicks and use the keyboard shortcuts to quickly add a hyperlink to another article or to our SharePoint for a direct link. Also with Helpjuice, you can create a definition of a word within the article using the glossary and it's recognized on all articles that contain the word. It's incredibly useful with our Dialpad Chrome extension because I can put in a vendor contact phone number and since the word is in the glossary, it appears in all articles that contain the word so my team can quickly click the phone number in the definition and dial the number with Dialpad Desktop. That eliminates SO many steps for us. It's 100% a game changer for our business. I love Helpjuice!!

What problem are/were you looking to solve with Helpjuice?

We were using a combination of OneNote, Excel, and SharePoint to document and look up troubleshooting steps which added 5-10 minutes of additional time to our tickets and way too many clicks. We went from 10 tickets a day to 30 tickets a day so we've grown, it became apparent that this was not going to work and we need something that was easily searchable with very few clicks. We tried other software like Trainual and IT Glue but it didn't work for our business model which is not self-serve. Trainual was too course-like and IT Glue was too robust. Helpjuice solved all of our problems with their online KB and the searchable Chrome extension. 

What kind of an impact has Helpjuice had?

We handle 500-600 tickets a month and we've seen a 20% reduction in resolution time. The average closure time was around 26 minutes and since we implemented Helpjuice, that number is closer to 20-21 minutes. All of our documentation is in one place which makes onboarding new hires faster, trains them faster (which was done with the owner in a 1-on-1 previously), and has cut down owner communication by 50% since we implemented it... two weeks ago! Two weeks and we've been able to have contact-free shifts where our techs resolve the issues on their own, and you cannot put a value on that. It's priceless. 

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