Macro Helix has 97% successful searches after switching to Helpjuice

Quick Overview

Industry: Hospital & Health Care

Location: USA

Team size: 201 - 500

"We needed elegance and agility. We needed style and functionality. We needed something that could handle doing the double duty of customer-facing knowledge base AND internal-facing customer support content. Now we have all that thanks to Helpjuice - Paul Neumann, Editor/Media Creator"

Industry: Hospital & Health Care

Location: USA

Team size: 201 - 500

Hospital & Health Care

(201 - 500 people)

What's the purpose/goal of your KB?

We needed to merge our online help that lived in our SaaS product with our internal KB for a couple of reasons. We wanted our support agents to be literally "on the same" page as the customers they were talking to and at the same give those agents access to the information that could help. RESTRICTED CONTENT TO THE RESCUE! A much broader purpose was to make all of the content we produce more easily available to both customers and Macro Helix employees. We still maintain a large Vimeo library of our video content, and yes, we can embed Vimeo players in HJ, but it's nicer just to insert videos onto the pages in our opinion. This goes for .pdf's too. And password-protected .pdf's. And confidential communications. And on and on.

What solutions did you approach before you decided to go with Helpjuice?

We tried for years to use Robohelp. There were only like 2 of us that had the patience for it. We tried to use OneNote and that almost worked. There just ended up being too many instances of pages and articles as people had too much access to everything, and they started making copies and treating it like just another word processor. Employees were changing things by mistake all the time and it became unwieldy real quick. There were also too many variations in behavior across the O365, Online, and Desktop versions. Also, when it launched there were people on Windows 7 and some on Windows 10 and it just wasn't consistent. As one of the smaller companies inside the larger McKesson, we often get software upgrades before the rest of the folks. We beta test a bunch for the greater good, I guess. Helpjuice was the only thing we all agreed on that offered the consistency we needed for dealing with customers and users spread across the technology timeline. We're also big fans of the "Dislike" button. We can't know everything. So getting feedback that says we can do better is something we very much appreciate. There's a lot of legacy info in our documents that is no longer current. We need to know from our customers and users what is working and what isn't. We love knowing what answers need improvement. Great feature.

Why did you decide to use Helpjuice?

So, as I said before I just wanted something that wasn't Robohelp. My co-workers put other products through their paces before presenting Helpjuice as the best of the bunch. The capabilities of its search functions, the ease of layout, and the fluid look to everything is what sold me. My first time in there I was able to begin bringing in content and creating articles that were thoughtfully designed and easy to edit. And that's really the big thing. Make it useable, likable, and editable.

What's your favorite Helpjuice feature?

I love that with Helpjuice I can easily add media to any page and know that it's going to work like I expect it to. I love how easy it is to change permissions on an entry. I love the Related Articles feature on each page. We even archive all our customer communications once they're released publicly and then we include the original documents that spurred the communication all in one place. Helpjuice makes that so easy, and it's really helpful. I love the interactive table of contents on each page. I love that it's fun to use and fun to learn. Having to make updates to our online help guide and KB used to be the thing we all dreaded the most. It was so clumsy and dull and uninspiring. With Helpjuice that all changed. You can format your content wherever you want (Word, plain text, Indesign, etc.) and then bring it in and lay it out in a way you're happy and proud of. It's a cool challenge to know you can address not just the words but how the words sit on the page. We just don't dread it anymore, ya know? Being able to preview and publish/unpublish in a snap is GREAT. Instant feedback that encourages creativity. So, yeah, it's fun. Busting your brain all day to create content that ends up looking like you copied and pasted it from a tired old Word doc....that was Robohelp. That was drudgery.

What problem are/were you looking to solve with Helpjuice?

The problem we were looking to solve with Helpjuice was we wanted something that wasn't Robohelp. We needed elegance and agility. We needed style and functionality. We needed something that could handle doing the double duty of customer-facing knowledgebase AND internal-facing customer support content. The responsibility for how to replace Robohelp fell to me and my fellow Brand/Comm co-workers. We're the ones generating the content and we were so tired of people not knowing where it was, how to get to it, how to share it, or even that it existed.

What kind of an impact has Helpjuice had?

We show that 97% of searches are successful. I think the most calls I've seen going to support in a month after a Helpjuice search is 11. 11! That's unreal. Now, people just call us first thing, I get it, but they're finding what they need in our online help more than ever because of Helpjuice.

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