How One Social Media Agency Reduced Customer Support Time by 50% with Helpjuice

Quick Overview

Industry: Advertising Services

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Team size: 1 - 50

"HelpJuice has been a game-changer for our team. With its powerful knowledge base, my time spent assisting my team members has decreased by 40-50%. It's a productivity boost we never expected!" - Will Brown, Founder of Two Step Social

Industry: Advertising Services

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Team size: 1 - 50

Advertising Services

(1 - 50 people)

Problem Statement

As a social media management agency, Two Step Social was facing a significant challenge in providing consistent and efficient customer support. Will Brown, the founder of Two Step Social, explains, "Our team would occasionally respond differently from one another and have difficulty drafting responses. It was a major scaling problem because our business is heavily dependent on customer support."

Solution: HelpJuice Knowledge Base

After exploring various solutions, Two Step Social decided to implement HelpJuice's Knowledge Base (KB) software. HelpJuice offered an affordable, easy-to-use, and effective solution to their customer support challenges. Will Brown highlights the impact of HelpJuice, stating, "HelpJuice has allowed us to build a robust, internal database of FAQs from clients. Our team can pull from this database as needed, which both increases response times and ensures we have a consistent message and tone system-wide. No more 'shots in the dark' from our team members, who are unsure how to draft a ticket response."

Benefits and Features

HelpJuice's user-friendly platform and powerful features have transformed the way Two Step Social manages customer support:

Measuring Success: Impact Metrics

Will Brown tracks the impact of HelpJuice closely and shares, "We track this data pretty closely. The time I spent, as the manager of my team, helping my team members respond to tickets from clients, has decreased by approximately 40-50%. I presume that as our HelpJuice database grows larger, I will save even more time."


Two Step Social's implementation of HelpJuice's Knowledge Base has revolutionized their customer support operations. The company has experienced significant benefits, including reduced response times, consistent messaging, and improved team efficiency. HelpJuice's affordable and user-friendly solution has enabled Two Step Social to scale their business and enhance customer satisfaction.

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