The Numbers Don't Lie: How Helpjuice Helped Ninety Achieve Higher User Engagement and Satisfaction

Quick Overview

Industry: Software Development

Location: USA

Team size: 51 - 200

"Thanks to Helpjuice, our failed search rate decreased by 73%, allowing us to provide more accurate and efficient support to our users." - Tommy Mains, Technical Writer at Ninety

Industry: Software Development

Location: USA

Team size: 51 - 200

Software Development

(51 - 200 people)

Attention: The Challenge Facing Ninety

Ninety, a SaaS company known for its commitment to exceptional customer service, faced a significant challenge. Their existing Help Center, powered by Intercom, was not meeting the growing demands of their diverse user base. With the company's rapid expansion, Technical Writer Tommy Mains and his team sought a solution that offered greater control over content creation and a more effective way to analyze data. The goal was clear: to build a world-class help center that not only supported their unique value proposition but also catered to two distinct user groups requiring different terminologies.

Interest: Why Helpjuice Stood Out

"We needed a knowledge base that could grow with us," explains Tommy. "Helpjuice caught our attention because of its superior search functionality, flexible article structuring, and robust tagging system." What set Helpjuice apart was its ability to create multiple knowledge bases, each tailored to different segments of Ninety's user base, with features like tabs to improve article navigation and reduce scroll fatigue.

Desire: The Helpjuice Solution

After exploring various options, Ninety decided to migrate their knowledge base to Helpjuice. The move was driven by Helpjuice's promise of more actionable data, enhanced article effectiveness, and the ability to segment their knowledge base to support diverse user needs. "Our favorite feature has to be the tabs," says Tommy. "It allows us to pack a lot of information into our articles without overwhelming our users."

Comparing metrics from the first six weeks of 2024 with the same period in 2023, Ninety witnessed a dramatic reduction in failed searches, dropping from 758 with Intercom to just 202 with Helpjuice. This improvement underscored the effectiveness of Helpjuice's search capabilities and tagging structure in helping users find the information they needed.

"The impact of switching to Helpjuice has been phenomenal. Our knowledge base now serves as a more efficient, user-friendly resource for both our customers and support team," - Tommy Mains, Technical Writer at Ninety.

Action: Results That Speak Volumes

The transition to Helpjuice not only addressed Ninety's immediate needs but also laid the groundwork for sustained growth and customer satisfaction. With over 17,000 article views during the initial comparison periods, and a significant reduction in failed searches, Ninety's knowledge base has become a cornerstone of their customer support strategy. This success story highlights the power of choosing the right tools to enhance service delivery and support a company's unique value proposition.

For companies facing similar challenges, Ninety's experience with Helpjuice offers valuable insights into the importance of a customizable, data-driven knowledge base. As Ninety continues to grow, Helpjuice remains a pivotal partner in their journey towards providing unparalleled customer support.

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