Industrial Automation Giant, Yokogawa, Switches to Helpjuice To Deliver Tribal Knowledge Across 10,000+ Employees

Quick Overview

Industry: Industrial Automation
Location: Worldwide
Team Size: 10,000+

"Great product, was using Sharepoint and looked at Helpjuice and Zendesk, and ultimately went with Helpjuice" – Todd S., Yokogawa

Industry: Industrial Automation
Location: Worldwide
Team Size: 10,000+

Industrial Automation

(10,000+ people)

Purpose/Goal of KB

Our company has two goals with a KB. The first goal is to capture “tribalknowledge” of our Subject Matter Experts. The second goal is to make this captured knowledge available in an online format for customers and internal staff as self-service support option in addition to our live support.

What Solutions did you Try before going to HelpJuice:

Our company was using (and still maintains) a Microsoft Sharepoint based proprietary solution using customization of sharepoint lists. When looking for other solutions, we looked at products such as Zendesk and other popular systems.

Why did you decide to use HelpJuice?

Our primary reasons for selecting HelpJuice were:

· Cloud based system

· Intuitive user interfaces on public side and back-end

· Easy to create articles

· Very flexible options for control of article audience (public, internal, private)

What is your favorite HelpJuice feature?

Ability to have public, internal, and private levels of article access plus encrypted urls

Rate Product Support (10 is highest)

10. I love the webchat. I do not see that there is much room for improvement on support.

Please rate the product. (10 is highest)

9. Great product. Maybe a 10 when a few more features make it into the product. Need to leave room!

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