Stenograph L.L.C. Transformed Their Call Center - See What They Did!

Quick Overview

Industry: Court Reporting

Location: Chicago, IL

Team Size: 500-1000

"We don't have to worry about the server going down or having to do any maintenance. It's all taken care of by Helpjuice," said Justin Sieger, Technical Advisor for Technical Support at Stenograph L.L.C.

Industry: Court Reporting

Location: Chicago, IL

Team Size: 500-1000

Court Reporting

(500-1000 people)

Transitioning from an Outdated Knowledge Base to a Cloud-Based Solution

Stenograph L.L.C. is a software, hardware and services company located in the US. As their customer base began to grow and they started introducing new products and services, their customer support team began to experience a rising call volume. Most of these calls were general “How do I…” questions, and Justin Sieger, Technical Advisor of Technical Support, knew that an online knowledge base could easily answer them.

The problem was that their knowledge base was outdated and not very customer friendly. Search was a big problem as it wouldn’t give the customers the results they were looking for near the top of the results. On the administrative side, the article editor was outdated and many times the team would have to write the article in HTML in order for it to appear correctly. On top of that, the knowledge base was on their own web server, meaning they had to be on the local network in order to make any changes or write any new articles.

Finding a Cloud-Based Knowledge Base Solution that Meets All Their Needs

Justin and the team knew they needed a cloud-based knowledge base solution with an updated editor and a better, more user-friendly interface. That’s when they found Helpjuice. Justin said, “Out of all the online knowledge bases, Helpjuice had the best features for the price. We don’t need very many users to manage the knowledge base, having a five user option was a great fit for us.”

The customization of Helpjuice was a major benefit for the team. “You guys created a look for us when we first purchased Helpjuice that was extremely close to our vision of what the site would look like. The colors, fonts, images, and layout were all top-notch. It saved us a lot of time coding it ourselves. But we can further customize it as our needs change or based on customer’s suggestions, so that is a big plus for us.”

The administrative end of Helpjuice was also easy to understand and set up. Justin said, “Article creation was simple, especially the drag/drop feature for .doc and .pdf files. And the instant support when we needed it helped seal the deal.”

Unmatched Search Results & 10% Reduction in Call Volume & Talk Time

Since transitioning to Helpjuice, Stenograph has seen a 10% reduction in call volume and talk time. This is because customers are able to get the answers they need quickly and easily. Helpjuice’s search feature has produced successful search results at 91%, far beyond what they had with the old knowledge base. Plus, they are able to provide customer support 24/7 with their knowledge base, eliminating the need for customers to wait on hold.

Articles are also being sent to customers when they purchase their products to help get them familiar with using them. Justin’s favorite feature is the drag/drop feature of pdf and Word documents. “It makes creating articles so simple because all the text is there. Just have to do a few simple formatting fixes and the article is ready to be published. It saves a lot of time on the administrative end.”


Stenograph needed an updated knowledge base and one that was cloud-based. Helpjuice gave them exactly what they needed and more. With Helpjuice, they have a knowledge base that is customer friendly, easy to use and manage, and produces successful search results. Most importantly, they have been able to reduce their call volume and talk time by 10%.

"Helpjuice was the best fit for us. We needed an updated knowledge base and one that is cloud based. We also needed an updated editor and better user friendly interface. Helpjuice solved those problems,” said Justin Sieger, Technical Advisor of Technical Support.

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