We are officially opening our blog to guest contributors and we invite you to apply if you're interested in writing for us by sharing your knowledge and expertise with our audience.

A few guidelines for those that are interested in guest posting on our site:

  • Tone: Informed, practical, conversational. Use language that is accessible to a wide audience. Avoid jargon when possible.
  • Content: Articles should be robust, informed, and in depth. The article should inspire readers to do something as soon as they’re done reading (for example, set up a Helpjuice knowledge base, read more on the topic, etc). Skip the vague, generic, and generalized advice.
    • Length: While we don't have a specific length that you need to hit, the post must be in-depth and actionable which typically means 2000+ words.
    • Relevant to Helpjuice. 
    • The guest post must be unique content and submitted exclusively for Helpjuice. 
    • Short, sharp, easy-to-read sentences.  
      • Break text up with images, examples, screenshots, subheadings, bold formatting, bullet lists, etc.
    • Use active voice when possible.
  • Evidence: Proper attribution of data, quotations, and outside content referenced in the article.
  • Submit via Google Doc (not MS Word).
  • Helpjuice reserves the right to edit or reject any guest post

We would highly suggest pitching a topic prior to writing a full post to improve your chances of getting published on Helpjuice's blog.

You can send pitches to josh dot brown at helpjuice dot com .