Ladies and Gentlemen …..

I’d like to introduce to you a hero today. Yes, he might not have saved a kitten from the tree, and may not be chasing down criminals down the tree, but Travis Aaberg is a hero in the customer support field.

As EventGeek started to scale up, they decided it was time to introduce a knowledge base into their support process.

Travis, a community manager, and hero to us, has set up a process within EventGeek, a SaaS company, where he utilizes their

Helpjuice knowledge base to, as Travis says, “dramatically cut down support request“

We spent some time talking to Travis around why he chose Helpjuice as a partner in growth, for scaling support. Let’s take a look at what Mr. Aaberg said;

What does your company do?

EventGeek is the ultimate event marketing platform. Today marketers have very limited visibility into event marketing ROI and struggle to manage myriad logistics. Information is siloed in email, spreadsheets and disconnected services. EventGeek brings it all together – logistics, costs and results, like sales, leads, social mentions and more. With EventGeek, marketers can finally get the visibility they need to deliver great event ROI.

What’s the purpose/goal of your knowledge base?

To provide the most enjoyable and easy-to-use experience possible for our customers.

How did Helpjuice help you achieve this goal?

Right out of the box, Helpjuice provided an excellent ux for our users. Their speedy, accurate search feature and default navigational options made it super simple to get started. And we’re very pleased to know that the flexibility is built-in for later when we plan to do more customization.

Note: You can check out EventGeek’s awesome knowledge base here

What’s your favorite feature of Helpjuice?

The design and search are amazing. We did an exhaustive comparison of major knowledge base platforms and found Helpjuice’s design, flexibility and search features were far and away the best. They truly understand how to put the user experience first.

What’s been your experience with Helpjuice and Our customer support?

We’ve dramatically cut down on support requests by linking to our Helpjuice kb within our app.

Folks, I hope you enjoyed viewing this brief case study. We’d like to invite you to download this case study as a PDF on this link EventGeek Case Study.

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