Measure customer engagement with the right tools

Looking for the right tools to help measure customer engagement in your business? Then read on—we cover the best tools on the market.

Imagine if your doctor measured your blood pressure with a microscope!!!

You would think he’s crazy and you would probably go to some other doctor that knows his tools. 

Furthermore, if you’re going to the doctor you probably have some issues that need to be resolved ASAP (sound familiar?).  The doctor needs to show competence and almost read your mind for you to be satisfied. 

Ok, fine, Dr. House can use some strange methods and approaches, but please don’t go that route in your customer support. Customers make for far more agitated clients than patients do. 

So how do you ensure that you don't lose your customers?

In order to set the right “diagnosis” for your customer, you need to understand how engaged a customer has been with your brand as well as their overall experience. 

Only then can you figure out the best approach to ensure superior customer service.

While there are a lot of options available when it comes to customer engagement tools out there, finding those that are truly effective in helping you improve your customer's experience is really hard to do. There is a lot of truth in this recent commercial…

In a nutshell here is what can happen if you don’t measure customer engagement properly. 

Measuring engagement is a difficult thing to do in regards to customer EXPERIENCE overall.

We want to help you whether you’re a SaaS, e-commerce business, a shop or anything else. These 7 tools will help you measure customer engagement and allow your business to:

Read carefully since not all of these will be for you. Probably only one will be PERFECT for you. This article is a mix of quality market research and personal experimentation. 

It’s important for us as well and we just want to tell you our own experiences so that you can decide what’s best for you. 

If you have positive experiences with some other app, feel free to mention it in the comment below and we might add it to this list 🙂

7 Tools to Measure Customer Engagement

1.) Square Customer Engagement

A screenshot of customer engagement measuring tool "Square Customer Engagement"

This app is ideal for any and every kind of shops that uses credit cards. It’s a complete system made for small businesses. 

You’ll be amazed by what this app can do for you. Square is an amazing service which allows you to accept payment in your store so simply and quickly.

Here is a short video on how it works. 

But, why do we mention it here? What does Square app have to do with measuring customer engagement? 

Well, it has a lot to do with it. Basically, it’s one of their stronger points that make them the competitive advantage.

Square is an amazing app with which you can do everything that you need for your customers without being a stalker. Their customer engagement app is divided into:


Let’s you make a directory out of all your customers. Data is automatically filled once your customer slides his credit card. Other than that you can manually import your customer list.


Insights show you a lot of data about your customers. How much did every individual spend?  When was he/she active last time? New vs returning customers is another measurement which is important in this app. You can even know how satisfied your customers are. 


With marketing, you can make beautiful email campaigns and target specific groups of customers and get detailed analytics on how many of them opened the actual email and because of it went back to the store. 


Square lets you communicate directly with your customers and they are able to send you their feedback privately so that you can create the best possible customer experience for each and every one of them. 

Square has helped their customers generate over 5 000 000 $ in sales, talk about an effective tool. 

You can start really quickly here.

2.) IBM Customer Experience Analytics

A screenshot of customer engagement measuring tool IBM Customer Experience Analytics

If you have 5 tools that measure the same things about your customers but in a slightly different way, you can say goodbye to all of them, FINALLY. 

This is a hidden jewel that you’ve been waiting for this whole time. 

IBM customer experience analytics is a promising new product from IBM with which you can measure customer engagement in advanced and meaningful ways. 

The product has just been released and it’s already getting some traction. I invite you to watch this video and see what it’s all about.

IBM analytics helps you visualize and organize your customers info and is really effective if you’re trying to get rid of the problems of not having enough meaningful data about your customers. 

With this product, it will all be at your fingertips. It’s up to you to decide if it is perfect for you.  

IBM is going for an all-in-one solution and it looks promising for this product. After this product, you won’t need any other similar one. 

With this tool, you’re going to understand your customers like never before and create a great process of customer onboarding, create great customer experience for them and create customers with a great loyalty which will have the greatest LTV.

Basically, IBM visualizes the entire process of customer onboarding and gives you incredible insights on how your customers are behaving with your product

And the best of all is that you can have a free interactive demo in which you’ll see if this product is made for you. IBM analytics have a beautiful interface and UX that you’ll love.

You can check it out right now here. It’s a really promising product, and if the things I wrote resonate with you, you’re probably already on their interactive demo. If you still didn’t find the tools that are perfect for you, read on …

3.) SumoMe Heat Maps

A screenshot of Sumo Heat Maps website

This product can measure customer engagement for literally every business that has a web page. If you have a web page then you’ll like this one, or at least your developers and customer support will. 

Heat maps is an unusual app, made by SumoMe (Tools to grow your online traffic),  that you might not even hear of before. Basically, what it does is that it shows you where your web page visitors are clicking (engaging). 

“But what can I do with that?”, you might ask. 

You can do plenty of things towards the betterment of your customer experience. 

Here is a complete guide from the makers of this awesome product.

Some of the things that this product helps you with are:

  • Finding out what are the unnecessary things in your web page
  • Getting rid of the unnecessary clutter
  • Improving number of leads
  • Improving number of signups 
  • Getting better UX and UI

For a small amount of money, you get heat maps for an unlimited number of clicks. But you can try it out for free. It’s a great tool which you can install on every page on your website and it’s as simple as Copy/Paste!

You can find this product here.

4.) HubSpot Analytics

A screenshot of Hubspot analytics

HubSpot is a well-known service for sales and marketing and it’s a complete system for communication with your customers. 

In the context of today’s blog post, the most interesting thing about this app is that you can measure CHI (customer happiness index) for every single customer you have. 

That means you know how satisfied is every one of your clients at any given moment. With this tool, you can optimize your sales funnel to decrease churn rate greatly.  Here is how it works …

Personalization and segmentation are the things that we will pay attention to in this blog post. 

Segmentation – HubSpot lets you organize your customers by any trait you want. Whether it’s a particular behavior, interest or properties.

Personalization – For every customer or lead you see immediately where did that person come from. Every customer gets his own profile with a lot of data that’s useful. 

You have complete history customer engagement with your company. You can even see which videos they watched and which webinars they attended. 

Other than that you can use this service for getting great reports about sales. This is applicable if you use HubSpot CRM or HubSpot Marketing. You can decide on various of KPI and get exact data on that. 

You can get data about your contacts, companies, deals, revenue and ENGAGEMENT. You can also send out these reports to your team daily, weekly or monthly. If these KPI’s are not enough for you, you can even make custom reports.

After you make a report on the KPI you want, HubSpot lets you visualize those reports in a quick and effective manner. 

Super amazing things about it 

5.) Userlane

Userlane is both a customer onboarding automation platform and user guidance solution for enterprise-ready SaaS companies that want to increase engagement and activation through interactive performance support. 

How does this help with measuring and improving customer engagement?

Let's start with how it helps with improving customer engagement. Userlane allows software providers the ability to guide users in real time via custom-made interactive on-screen guides. 

These guides offer your customers a fully interactive and gamified experience that is designed to maximize their ability to use your software which should lead to higher overall engagement.

Furthermore, Userlane comes with analytics, allowing you to measure how users are engaging with your guides. 

With this information, you can continuously improve you guides and therefore your user's experience with the software you are guiding them through.

6.) Crystal

Each of your customers (and potential customers) has a unique personality and communication style. 

That’s why it’s so hard to ensure a great customer experience﹣what resonates with one persona may completely bomb with another. 

However, by tailoring your messaging to specific personality types, you can learn to communicate and write site content in a style that reaches your audience. 

Crystal uses AI to predict anyone’s personality from their online footprint, which can help you learn more about your audience and appeal to a wider demographic in a more personalized way. 

Communicate effectively, improve customer experience, and offer better support with Personality AI﹣your coach for helping customers.

7.) Intercom

Measure customer engagement: a screenshot of Intercom's homepage

And last but not the least is the Intercom. If you read our blog, you can see that we mention Intercom quite a bit. That’s because we are in love with this tool and what it can do for you. 

The best thing about Intercom is that their tool lets your team communicate to customers in the simplest and most effective way possible. Intercom is the best product for customer service today. Period. Here is their story. 

Intercom is divided into three segments. Those are Acquire, Engage, and Learn. For this blog post, the magic happens in the latter two segments. 

Intercom lets you communicate with your customer directly and it has a variety of KPI that lets you have valuable info about every customer that contacts your support.

You can make a personal profile for every customer and his/hers activities with and interactions with your product. Intercom gets you a list of users that are “slipping away” so that you can engage them if you find it purposeful. let’s your every team member communicate to your customer and to other team members. You have an insight into which customer has seen your response. 

We invite you to try out this amazing product (if you didn’t already),  it’s an amazingly simple and effective product for superior customer support.

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