Strong employee communication and collaboration are integral facets of any successful business which is why it's essential that modern businesses make use of some type of employee communication app. This is especially true as more than half the US workforce is looking for a company that offers a hybrid or remote work environment, making it necessary to use software to bridge communication and collaboration between in-house and remote employes.

Enter intranet software.

An intranet is a private network accessible only by members of an organization or company. Intranet software helps businesses streamline internal communication by centralizing information, improving collaboration and productivity, and providing secure access to company data.

But with multiple options on the market, it's difficult to determine which intranet software is best for your business's needs. We tested and compared some of the best intranet software to bring you our top choices of intranet platforms as we near 2023.

1. ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management tool that helps businesses manage tasks, collaborate, and track progress in real-time. You can easily create custom workflows, set goals, and align team priorities. Centralized communication with comments, mentions, and private messaging in one place helps keep team members on the same page, and external integration with tools like Google Drive, Trello, and Jira makes it easy to manage everything on one platform. The tool also offers several visual options for organizing tasks, including lists, boards, and calendars, to fit any team's preferred workflow.


  • Over 15 options to view your work
  • Seamless integration with 1,000+ tools
  • Pre-built automation recipes to save time
  • Guest access for external collaborators
  • Advanced access control
  • Real-time reporting and analytics


  • Free forever: Free (suitable for personal use)
  • Unlimited: $5 per member per month (suitable for small teams)
  • Business: $12 per member per month (suitable for mid-sized teams)
  • Business Plus: $19 per member per month (suitable for multiple teams)
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales (suitable for many large teams)

2. Jive

Jive uses PeopleGraph technology for a personalized intranet experience

Jive uses its PeopleGraph technology to create a personalized intranet experience for each user, helping employees quickly find and connect with the right people and information. It breaks down silos by allowing users to engage with communities, teams, and projects in one place. Features like document management, discussion forums, blogs, and social networking help businesses promote knowledge sharing and collaboration to drive innovation and productivity.


  • Ironclad security to ensure compliance and protection against viruses
  • Cloud-based intranet solution to store data in external systems
  • Sentiment and personal analytics to facilitate collaboration
  • Peer-to-peer recognition and employee engagement dashboards
  • A smart search engine that offers predictive results
  • Urgent notification system for timely communication


  • Jive offers personalized pricing quotes for enterprise businesses. Contact Jive for a custom quote.

3. Yammer

Yammer is a social intranet tool meant to streamline communication and collaboration

Yammer is a social intranet tool that aims to streamline collaboration and communication within an organization. Users can join groups and threads to connect with colleagues, share ideas, ask questions easily, and access shared documents. Yammer also integrates with Office 365 tools like Outlook and OneDrive for added convenience. Newsfeeds and notifications keep users updated on important announcements and updates and help teams stay on track with their work.


  • Create virtual events and conferences
  • Source crowd feedback and ideas through polls
  • Mobile application for on-the-go productivity
  • Content tagging for easy organization and access
  • High-level security to protect sensitive information


  • Office 365 E1: $10 per user/month
  • Office 365 E3: $23 per user/month (Free trial included)
  • Office 365 E5: $38 per user/month (Free trial included)

4. Jostle

Jostle's instranet tool is meant to strengthen company culture and employee productivity

Jostle's intranet tool helps build company culture and promote employee engagement by connecting everyone in one place. Users can share files, access virtual events, and connect with colleagues through customizable profiles. With Jostle, one person can easily attend virtual all-hands meetings, another can access the company's onboarding program, and a third can post an announcement for an upcoming company event—all without ever having to leave their desk. It also allows you to broadcast TV in offices so everyone can watch and stay updated on company news, announcements, and events.


  • Content library to store and share documents
  • Automatic notifications to keep users updated
  • Social media, mobile, and email integration
  • Polls and surveys that allow for employee feedback


  • Jostle calculates pricing based on the number of employees in your organization. Contact Jostle for a custom quote.

Blink is an easy-to-use intranet platform for improved employee communication

Blink is a mobile and desktop intranet platform that helps frontline employees easily connect and communicate with each other. Its simple design and intuitive navigation make it easy for employees to access important documents, reference materials, and message colleagues in real-time. A unified communication, collaboration, and task management platform helps teams stay organized and on track with their work. Features like digital forms, single sign-on, and people directory help streamline processes and make information easily accessible for employees.


  • Tailored newsfeeds to keep users updated
  • Multifactor authentication that ensures security
  • Single sign-on to access multiple Blink applications
  • Content management system
  • App customization to meet the needs of your organization


  • Essential: The pricing of Blink starts from $3.40 per user/month
  • Business: Custom quote
  • Enterprise and Enterprise Plus: Custom quote (suitable for large companies)

6. Happeo

Happeo's intranet software is great for companies that use Google Workspace

Happeo is intranet software that works with Google Workspace and connects fast-moving teams to the content, tools, and colleagues they need. It streamlines communication, centralizes content, and encourages collaboration with communities around shared interests or projects. It's best for companies who want a modern and easy-to-use intranet platform they can access on any device. Some features include employee profiles, document collaboration, company announcements, and team spaces to create a central hub for your organization's communication and work.


  • Multiple language support due to integration with Google Translate
  • Personalized branding
  • Single search bar to access content from Happeo, Google Workspace, and apps such as Jira, Slack, and Zendesk
  • Advanced analytics like search, engagement, and influencer to help drive intranet strategy
  • Lifecycle management of content to ensure it remains relevant
  • Automated org chart to access information


Contact Happeo for a custom quote

7. Workvivo

Workvivo's intranet software looks to build employee engagement and improve the employee experience

Workvivo is an employee app, internal communications platform, and social intranet platform - all in one. It builds employee engagement, experience, and communication by consolidating all the tools and content employees need into one central place. With its personalized activity feed, real-time chat, and live video streaming, Workvivo helps employees stay connected and engaged with their work. Features like integration with popular business tools, custom branding, and advanced security make it a top choice for businesses looking for an all-in-one solution.


  • People directory to promote employee communication
  • Industry podcasts available to employees
  • Ghostwriting abilities to help employees write better content
  • Notifications updates that can be tailored to individual preferences


  • Contact Workvivo for a custom quote

8. IntranetPro

This collaboration tool has modern intranet features that promote communication and productivity in the workplace. IntranetPro can be tailored to the specific needs of your business and employees, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes. Smart search makes it easy to find documents and information, while social features like forums and blogs encourage employee interaction. Other features include content management, targeted notifications, a people directory, and custom integration.


  • Multilanguage support to make it accessible to employees around the world
  • Ghost publishing helps publish the content on behalf of employees
  • Military level of security to ensure safety
  • Unlimited users and storage


  • Contact Codesigned for a custom quote according to your business needs.

9. Simpplr

Simpplr is a digital workplace solution where employees connect and share news, events, and work progress, aligning the entire company with a single goal. Enterprises create a virtual headquarter and newsroom on Simpplr to foster transparency and collaboration. The solution also offers social features to facilitate employee interaction, a people directory, and document management to centralize important information.


  • Employee blogs
  • Pre-built templates to get started quickly
  • AI-powered search helps employees find the right information
  • Auto governance engine
  • Employee directory


  • Simpplr provides a custom price quote according to your company's size, needs, and complexity.

10. Interact

Interact is a digital workplace with personalized dashboards, onboarding, communication and collaboration tools, and directories that make it easy for employees to find the information and people they need. This intranet portal works with leading third-party tools like Slack, Zendesk, Workday, Salesforce, and more to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses. It offers an extranet, allowing companies to share content and collaborate with external partners securely.


  • Digital signage to connect to any display
  • Analytics and reporting of intranet performance, activity, and user engagement
  • Pulse survey to measure employee satisfaction
  • Streamline processes with online forums
  • Mobile app to access the intranet


  • Contact Interact for a tailored quote

11. Communifire

This modern intranet software unites all the people, content, and tools your business needs into one central place. Communifire is easy to use and set up, with Office 365 integration and a mobile app that promote collaboration, communication, and productivity. The flagging feature ensures the particular groups or leaders don't miss important updates. You can also set a required reading flag on specific articles that prevent critical information from getting lost in the shuffle.


  • Sync SharePoint and OneDrive content
  • New analytics and insights to track user engagement
  • More than 65 API endpoints to integrate with your other systems
  • Real-time chat and instant messaging


  • Business: $2,000/month (For up to 200 users)
  • Enterprise: Price can be tailored according to your business needs

12. Noodle

Noodle is an easy-to-use intranet software where you can manage groups, share documents and blogs, and monitor usage. Its single sign-on feature allows users to access all their applications with one login to reduce password fatigue. Noodle enables you to set permissions for apps, manage teams, and develop workflows to facilitate communication and collaboration.


  • Single sign-on
  • Built-in block editor that requires no coding
  • Integrated notification system to keep everyone updated
  • Online meetings with conference room feature
  • Video conferencing to chat face-to-face


  • Noodle cloud: $200 /month
  • Noodle on-premise: $9500/one-time fee

13. SAP Jam

SAP Jam is a cloud-based enterprise social network that connects people, information, and ideas to collaborate efficiently. It integrates with SAP enterprise software and other third-party tools to create a robust user experience. Users can create groups, share files and blogs, delegate tasks, and join conversations. You can make public or private groups, and threaded conversations keep related discussions together. The software also offers enterprise features such as e-learning, performance management, and succession planning to ensure your business has the tools it needs to run more efficiently. 


  • Social learning tools that enable employees to share knowledge
  • Personal activity feeds to help users discover relevant content
  • Multilingual
  • Video and screen recording


  • Contact SAP Jam for a custom quote

14. Confluence

Confluence is a knowledge management software that helps teams create, organize, and discuss work. It allows the seamless sharing of ideas, knowledge, and documentation within the team, making work more efficient. It also has a rich set of features, including templates, macros, and a structured page tree that helps you to review, share, and save documents with others. Its home and personalized feed, announcements and blogs section, and integration with popular tools make it suitable for organizations that want to manage and share their knowledge in one place.


  • Centralized security to protect your data
  • Over 20,000 users included in the standard plan
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • External collaboration
  • Account capture


  • Free: Up to 10 users (suitable for small teams)
  • Standard: $57.5/month (suitable for growing teams)
  • Premium: $110/month
  • Enterprise: Price will be available according to the number of users. (suitable for global organizations)

15. Workplace from Meta

Workplace focuses on improving company communication with features such as a company newsfeed, groups, and a knowledge library that allows employees to access information, documents, and resources easily. What sets Workplace apart is how it integrates the best features from Facebook and other Meta products, making it easy for users to navigate and familiar to use. This familiarity also means that companies can adopt Workplace quickly without extensive training.


  • Polls and surveys for team feedback
  • Social-style profiles, groups, and company newsfeed
  • Insights to gauge employee engagement
  • Bots to automate workflows and tasks


  • Core: $4 Per person per month
  • Enhanced Admin & Support Add-on: $2 per person per month
  • Enterprise Live Add-on: $2 Per person per month

16. Microsoft SharePoint

No list discussing the best intranet software would be complete without mentioning Microsoftware SharePoint.This well-known platform offers robust features and easy integration with other Microsoft products like Office 365, Active Directory, and Dynamics 365 making it a convenient choice for businesses already using the Microsoft ecosystem. Advanced access control allows users to encrypt data with a unique key, prevents unauthorized access, and keeps company data secure. SharePoint offers an organization newsfeed, a central hub for sharing files and information, and seamless collaboration.


  • Exchange private messages and documents
  • Guest access for external collaborators
  • Automate workflows to streamline business processes


  • SharePoint Online: $5/user/month (suitable for SMBs)
  • SharePoint Online: $10/user/month (suitable for enterprises)
  • Office 365 E3: $23/user/month

Invest in Your Company's Communication and Productivity

All the best intranet software programs have different features and functionality that can help your business in various ways. When looking for an intranet software solution, consider what features are most important to you and your team.

Do you need more collaboration tools? Or perhaps you need an enterprise social network to communicate with employees across the globe? Whatever your needs may be, there's an intranet software program that's perfect for you and your business.