Quora Marketing Strategy for B2B Startups

In this article we share how to use Quora marketing to get customers for your B2B startup.

Written by: David Oragui

Published: February 01 2019

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These past few days have been crazy. We went from 1% conversion rate to nearly 28%, are in the middle with partnering up with lots of companies and a lot more things. End-result: MORE CUSTOMERS.

But here’s what I just discovered this week: You can actually acquire customers using Quora marketing.

Quora, in general, is THE place a lot of people go, to discuss topics that are relevant to their interests. 

If you’re smart about this, you’ll engage with them, help them, and your product will hopefully pop up when they’re looking for a solution.

We’ll get 5-10 signups a day just from QUORA! You’d think Quora is a horrible way to acquire customers, but it’s a good way to establish your company and brand as a trusted source and thought leader, and it doesn’t take much time! 

An hour every week and you can really build up your company’s brand as a domain expert on whatever you’re selling.

But, wait, what if I sell something that isn’t really exciting?

Even better, you probably have much less competition. For instance, take into example Helpjuice; Out of all the questions out there, you’d think knowledge base software isn’t a popular one, but we end up getting a SURPRISING amount of signups from Quora. So, JFDI and measure.

One of the ways we do it is, we have roughly 10 answers on Quora and a board of really cool knowledge base examples which we just started. 

These ten answers are from where these Quora signups come. So, we might be doing something good there.

How to use Quora for B2B Marketing

1) FIND Questions which are RELEVANT to the service/product you’re company stands behind

For example, Helpjuice is the BEST knowledge base software out there. 

So I HAVE to be on my game with knowing everything about knowledge bases as well as knowledge management.

2) Write an answer that’s RELEVANT to the question. Don’t be a douche bag. DON’T KISS ON THE FIRST DATE.


I wouldn’t suggest posting something like this. It’s not really relevant to the person. 

I really just want to see a couple examples of knowledge bases and get on with my life.

Do (something like) this:

1) Provide a GREAT answer. If you can, try to somehow tie your product’s results with the answer. But make sure your answer is relevant. And go out your way to out-teach your competition. Add images, spend time writing these answers.

2) It’s OK to sell. Just don’t close on the first date (“Let me know if you’d like to chat about knowledge bases” is always better than “SIGN UP HERE …..”)

After you have posted a couple answers, you’ll start noticing traffic from Quora. It’s a great feeling when they sign up, especially if they’re a good lead. 

Then, you’ll start realizing that you’re getting 5-10 signups a day, just from that one hour of work on Quora.

Would love to hear your thoughts on using Quora, and other Q&A websites as a sales channel. 

Post your thoughts below, in the comments!

P.S: Don’t forget to check out Helpjuice.com, we’re serious about slicing your support inbox by half.

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