Zero Complaints, Maximum Knowledge: How Helpjuice Empowered Marshmallow Insurance's Customer Loyalty Team

Quick Overview

Industry: Insurance

Location: London, United Kingdom

Team size: 51 - 200

"Say goodbye to daily questions overload! Helpjuice reduced our questions channel traffic by a jaw-dropping 30-40%!" - Eszter Glória Borsia, Customer Loyalty Executive at Marshmallow Insurance.

Industry: Insurance

Location: London, United Kingdom

Team size: 51 - 200


(51 - 200 people)


Marshmallow Insurance, a leading car insurance company based in London, has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. With over 300 employees and continuous hiring, the company faced challenges in aligning and connecting the work of different departments. To address this issue, Marshmallow Insurance turned to Helpjuice, a user-friendly knowledge base platform, to create a centralized and up-to-date source of information for all employees.

Problem Statement

Marshmallow Insurance's separate departments struggled to collaborate effectively due to the lack of a unified knowledge base. This resulted in frequent escalations of cases to the questions channel, where agents would seek answers to problems they were unsure about. Additionally, agent errors caused official complaints, leading to a negative impact on customer satisfaction. The company needed a solution to reduce the number of daily questions, improve agent knowledge, and eliminate agent errors.

Choosing Helpjuice

After considering various options, Marshmallow Insurance decided to implement Helpjuice as their knowledge base platform. Eszter Glória Borsia, a Customer Loyalty Executive at Marshmallow Insurance, explains why Helpjuice was the preferred choice:

"We use Helpjuice since this is a very user-friendly platform, great UI/UX design, and it delivers fast response times! Formatting is pretty convenient and easy, and I'm happy to see the stats under the articles (number of reviews, likes). Also, it can be updated in no time!"

Quantifying the Impact

Since implementing Helpjuice, Marshmallow Insurance has experienced remarkable improvements in their operations. The company's onboarding processes have become three times faster, allowing new employees to become productive and confident in their roles in record time. With the Helpjuice knowledge base, the number of daily questions in the questions channel has dropped by a significant 30-40%. This reduction in questions indicates that agents now have access to the most up-to-date information, leading to improved decision-making and a reduction in escalations.

Moreover, Marshmallow Insurance has achieved a remarkable feat of reducing agent errors that caused official complaints. In the past month, the number of complaints resulting from agent errors has been reduced to zero from 13, showcasing a dramatic improvement in customer satisfaction. This success can be attributed to the comprehensive training based on Helpjuice articles that every new joiner undergoes. The employees are equipped with a long tick list of Helpjuice articles they must read before starting their actual work, ensuring they are well-educated about processes and potential problems that might cause breaches.

Why Helpjuice?

When asked about her favorite Helpjuice feature, Eszter Glória Borsia, the Customer Loyalty Executive, shared, "My very favorite feature of Helpjuice is the Relevant Questions part at the bottom, and the fact that with only using a few keywords, you can find literally anything you want within seconds! Also, the platform allows for quick updates, and it shows the exact time of the edit and the person responsible, making it easy to track changes."

Marshmallow Insurance chose Helpjuice over other solutions, as it provided a user-friendly platform with a great UI/UX design, delivering fast response times. The convenience of formatting and the ability to view article stats, such as the number of reviews and likes, further enhanced the appeal of Helpjuice. The platform's efficiency in updating content in real-time allowed the company to keep its knowledge base always relevant and up-to-date, ensuring agents have access to the most accurate and timely information.

Results and Future Plans

With Helpjuice's transformative impact, Marshmallow Insurance's Customer Loyalty team, headed by Eszter Glória Borsia, plans to make significant changes to the knowledge base. Despite being a team of 46 members, they have experienced massive growth, and the knowledge base plays a pivotal role in their day-to-day operations. The team recognizes the importance of having processes that are delicate and well-coordinated with other departments, and the knowledge base serves as the linchpin to achieve this.

Marshmallow Insurance's ultimate goal is to get their newly-joined colleagues up to speed as quickly as possible, and Helpjuice is a key enabler in achieving this. The team leads and Eszter herself are committed to refreshing and updating their knowledge base pages to ensure they stay relevant and helpful to their agents and customers alike.


In conclusion, Marshmallow Insurance's journey with Helpjuice has been nothing short of exceptional. The implementation of Helpjuice as their knowledge base platform has led to significant improvements in onboarding processes, reduced daily questions by 30-40%, and eliminated official complaints caused by agent errors. Eszter Glória Borsia and her team have embraced Helpjuice wholeheartedly, appreciating its user-friendliness, efficient updates, and the ability to find relevant information quickly.

As Marshmallow Insurance continues to thrive in the car insurance industry, Helpjuice will remain an indispensable asset, providing the necessary foundation for their success. With their commitment to continuously refine and optimize their knowledge base, Marshmallow Insurance is poised to achieve even greater heights in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, all thanks to Helpjuice.

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